Selmer Mark VI 149xxx Silver Soprano Saxophone

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For sale is an incredibly rare Selmer Mark VI 149xxx silver soprano saxophone!

This is a fantastic example of an earlier run Selmer soprano Mark VI in silver plate.

Up until a certain time Selmer was producing very few sopranos.  Eventually by the time the 1970s came soprano's became a popular instrument and they ramped up production.

Its very rare to find a Selmer this early of a serial number which has made these horns highly renowned and coveted.

This particular horn is silver plate.  The silver is bright and popping but of course has some tarnish.  If you took sometime polishing it you could really make her pop!

This horn is in fully playing condition top to bottom.  There are no clicks, clanks, metal on metal and everything is opening and closing just as should be!

This horn is being sold as used and has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, fleabites, metal wear, tarnish, patina and other anomalies with such an old horn.  There appears to of been an extremely small pickup taken out.  Ive taken pictures of it in photo #11 & #12.  Its barley visually audible.

Once again it appears work was done to take a pickup out.

This saxophone comes with no case at all.  Please rest assure the soprano will be packaged absolutely flawlessly wrapped in an insane amount of bubble wrap, inside an oversized box done proper!

If you have been looking for an investment worth soprano this is a fantastic example so please buy and pay confidently.   I will ship ASAP upon payment!




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