Dukoff Miami D7 Vintage Alto Sax Mouthpiece SANBORN VIBE!

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For sale is a prime era vintage Dukoff Miami D7 alto mouthpiece!!!

This mouthpiece is LOUD & PROUD!  This mouthpiece gives that instant David Sanborn vibes!

David Sanborn has been playing vintage Dukoff Miami pieces since the beginning and his sound has become synonymous with the Dukoff sound.

This mouthpiece has a huge robust and powerful sound.  Play testing this piece I find it extremely maneuverable..   I can be super emotional and whispy barley putting air through the mouthpiece for a ballad like tone, and then when I want to go I press on the gas and I can get broad larger then life sounds all the way up through that loud and proud brighter pyrotechnics type sound!

Not all Dukoffs are created equally!  Way back when there was a huge change over in mouthpiece production this was the separation of  vintage Dukoff pieces from the modern production pieces that are still currently being made.

Most of all the Dukoff's being sold on Ebay do not actually say Miami, FL on them!  They just say Dukoff, with no Miami.

Any Dukoff piece that says Miami on it stamped in a real deal Miami piece before the production change overs from some 20 25 years ago.

90% of the mouthpieces being sold are modern production.  These modern mouthpieces sell for a fraction of the cost, and dont play anywhere near the prime era pieces.  Plays and collectors seek out the vintage pieces as they are some of the best playing mouthpieces ever made!

Legendary mouthpiece visionary Bobby Dukoff unfortunately passed away in 2012.  Ever since then collectors and players have been hoarding any and all Dukoff Miami stamped pieces, swooping up any that make it to market.   Back in the day these pieces used to be much easier to obtain, but now that Bobby has passed and the mouthpieces aren't the same the collectors market has gone crazy on them and they have become extremely scarce!

The value of these pieces continues rise as the pieces are only getting harder procure!

This mouthpiece is being sold as USED and has its fair share of scratches, Knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, metal wear, tarnish, patina and other used anomalies associated with a used vintage mouthpiece that you stick in your mouth and bite on!  Dukoffs use a very soft metal, which is part of the reason they vibrate so crazy, however because of these they also pick up many little dings and fleabites like this mouthpiece

Its really not often a D7 Miami pops up for sale so if you have been looking for a D7 Miami and love this piece please do not hesitate to buy it now and PayPal over!  I will ship ASAP upon payment.

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