Pultec EQP-1A 2x Pair of Tube EQ Equalizers

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For sale is a fantastic sounding pair of 2x Pultec tube EQs.

These are the real deal modern day, made in America Pultecs!

As far as build quality and sound it doesn't get better!  These are ready for your studio.  These sound amazing on everything and are ready for essentially endless combinations; stereo bus, kick & snare, vocals, guitar & bass, any drums, any horns/saxophones, etc etc

These are being sold as used but overall are in pretty great condition.  There is some surface smudging and scratching.  Please refer to picture #11 & #12 for worst cosmetic damage to write about.

If you need a pair of Pultec's we are ready to package and ship these out ASAP so please buy and pay confidently!

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