Neve 33122a Mic Preamp EQ Pair w/ Marinair T1801 Transformers STUDIO READY!

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For sale is a pair of Neve 33122a mic preamp!

These are a prime pair of vintage Neve's featuring full EQ & the proper Marinair T1801 transformers!

Its not everyday these pre's come to market.  Most times these come for sale they are missing the matching Marinair T1801 output transformers.   This pair has the T1801s fully intact!

This pair has just received an $1800 full overhaul by one of Los Angeles's top Neve specialists!

These pre's sound amazing and are fully functional ready to use today.

These pre's are extremely quite and have an absolute ton of headroom!

These pre's came from the same desk and are 5 serial numbers apart from each other.  When measuring all of the metrics at the shop these pre's measure nearly identical in all ways.  This is as close as your going to get to a stereo matched pair!

Each of the knobs on the unit has 2 sections that twist.  The gain knob has a stepped notch twist and then an additional variable smooth knob.  This allows you to really fine tune in between the notched gain settings to find the perfect level.

The EQs on these are incredible.  These EQs sound great and your going to be able to carve out whatever sound your looking for.  Really fantastic EQs!

The power supply has a phantom power 48V button.  Both the rack and power supply have 2 prong banana ground plugs.  One plugs into the other to ground the unit.  There is a typical 3 prong power cord.

If you have been looking for a pair of vintage Neve's in fully working condition please buy and pay confidently we will ship out ASAP upon payment!