Yamaha YSS 675 Soprano Saxophone MINTY CONDITION!

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For sale is a minty condition Yamaha YSS 675 soprano sax with both straight and curved neck!

This is a prime example early Japanese made 4 digit serial #5,xxx soprano saxophone!

These horns are absolutely fantastic players, loved and celebrated by both players and collectors.

These horns have amazing design and fantastic craftsmanship.

This horn is in exceptional condition and better then most you find.  The action is quick and snappy, clam  ping down hard and fast just like you would hope!

This horn comes with its original case and end plug!

This horn is awesome condition however is a used saxophone and you will find some various surfaces smudges, scratches, or used marks.

In the hands these sopranos are thick and strong.  When you hold alot of other brands of sopranos the metals feel soft and can almost bend easily around the neck area.  This horn is as sturdy of a soprano as they come which is absolutely noteworthy!

If you have been looking for a new soprano they dont come around like this often so please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment!