Yamaha YBS 61 Purple Label Low A Baritone Saxophone

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For sale is a rare Yamaha YBS 61 Purple logo Baritone saxophone!

This is a very nice example of an extremely early serial number purple label Low A Yamaha baritone!

Yamaha is known for there Low A baritone’s and this horn is a very nice example of a purple label Low A baritone!  These horns are extremely loud and proud with very little air support required to fill them up so they are popular among professional players.

These very valuable purple logos have a very delicate logo.  I think the logo was painted or silk screened on.   Most times you find these horns the logo has disappeared, in many cases its 100% gone.  This logo is very much intact which is quite a treat!

These older purple label YBS 61s have a cult following because they are precision Yamaha Japan golden era professional baritone saxophones but at a fraction of the price compared to what the modern day professional YBS 62s and YBS 82Zs sell for!

This horn is being sold as not working and will require work from a professional repair tech.  The horn was functioning at one point but will need a really solid setup or overhaul if you choose to be a fully functioning perfect horn. 

This horn has its fair share of scratches, Knicks, dings, fleabites, metal wear of various red colors and other anomalies associated with a not working old horn. 

This horn does not have its factory case!

Please refer to picture #12 you can see there little round Yamaha emblem is missing.  You can also see a red patina on the neck.

Once agian, this horn has its fair share of red patina on the back of the body and various parts of the horn.  This patina is fully removable by your tech when you get the horn setup and cleaned!  The best part is the patina really isnt on the main logo or engraving!

Once again please plan on bringing this horn to your tech its not going to play as is!

These horns rarely pop up and typically sell very very fast, so if you have been looking to invest in a low A baritone please dont hesitate to buy and pay over.  I will ship ASAP upon payment! IMG_5012(2) IMG_5011(2) IMG_5010(2) IMG_5004(2) IMG_5003(2) IMG_4998(2) IMG_4997(2) IMG_4996(2) IMG_4993(2) IMG_4992(1) IMG_4990(1) IMG_4989(2) IMG_4987(2) IMG_5078(2) IMG_5077(2) IMG_5076(2) IMG_5075(2) IMG_5074(2) IMG_5073(2) IMG_5072(2) IMG_5071(1) IMG_5070(2) IMG_5069(2) IMG_5068(2) IMG_5067(2) IMG_5066(2) IMG_5065(2) IMG_5064(2) IMG_5063(2) IMG_5062(2) IMG_5061(2) IMG_5060(2) IMG_5059(2) IMG_5056(2) IMG_5055(2) IMG_5054(2) IMG_5053(2) IMG_5052(2) IMG_5051(2) IMG_5050(2) IMG_5049(2) IMG_5048(2) IMG_5047(2) IMG_5046(2) IMG_5045(2) IMG_5044(2) IMG_5043(2) IMG_5042(2) IMG_5041(2) IMG_5040(2) IMG_5039(2) IMG_5038(2) IMG_5037(2) IMG_5036(2) IMG_5035(2) IMG_5034(2) IMG_5033(2) IMG_5032(2) IMG_5031(2) IMG_5030(2) IMG_5029(2) IMG_5028(2) IMG_5027(2) IMG_5026(2) IMG_5025(2) IMG_5024(2) IMG_5023(2) IMG_5022(2) IMG_5021(2) IMG_5020(2) IMG_5019(2) IMG_5018(2) IMG_5017(2) IMG_5016(2) IMG_5015(2) IMG_5014(2) IMG_5013(2) IMG_5012(2) IMG_5011(2) IMG_5010(2) IMG_5009(2) IMG_5008(2) IMG_5007(2) IMG_5006(2) IMG_5005(2) IMG_5004(2) IMG_5003(2) IMG_5002(2) IMG_5001(2) IMG_4999(2) IMG_4998(2) IMG_4997(2) IMG_4996(2) IMG_4995(2) IMG_4994(2) IMG_4993(2) IMG_4992(1) IMG_4991(2) IMG_4990(1) IMG_4989(2) IMG_4988(2) IMG_4987(2)