Yamaha YBS 52 Bari Baritone Saxophone w/ Low A

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For sale is a Yamaha YBS 52 low A baritone with its original hard shell case!

This is the classic best selling Yamaha low A baritone design that has reigned as one of the most popular low A baritones on the market for quite some time! 

These horns are amazing players and Yamaha has the design and manufacture process down on these!

When you start to shop for a baritone low A and look at the choices it becomes abundantly that the YBS baritone is the best compromise on a fully functional modern horn that plays awesome without spending an insane amount of money.  The value on these is hard to touch!

This sax is being sold as used and has random scratching, patina, used pads, metal wear, dings, dents, knicks, fleabites, patina and other anomalies associated with a used baritone!

The sax ships with its original heavy duty wood shell Yamaha logo case, however its in used shape!

Good playing quality low A baritones are extremely hard to find!  In this price range the Yamaha YBS 52 is no questions asked one of the best low As you could ask for. 

If you have been looking to invest in a baritone please buy and pay confidently we will ship asap upon payment!

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