Yamaha YAS 62 Purple Label Alto Saxophone EXTREMELY EARLY

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For sale is a fantastic condition Yamaha YAS 62 purple label alto saxophone with its original case!

This is a prime example of an extremely early, 4 digit purple label in completely original condition.

This horn has no pads in it!  You will need to get a pad job on this horn.

Once again the horn is not functioning and literally has no pads right now.

The good news is a bunch of the work is already done, all the old original pads were already cleared out and the overhaul was already started.

This horn is being sold as not working for parts and has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, patina, label wear and other used anomalies associated with a used vintage horn.

These early purple labels have become very hard to find.  Im offering this at a great price so please buy and pay confidentiality!

IMG_9315(3) IMG_9310(3) IMG_9308(3) IMG_9302(3) IMG_9300(3) IMG_9299(3) IMG_9294(3) IMG_9293(3) IMG_9285(3) IMG_9280(3) IMG_9271(2) IMG_9270(3) IMG_9250(3) IMG_9240(1) IMG_9239(1) IMG_9238(1) IMG_9236(1) IMG_9226(1) IMG_9180(2) IMG_9179(2) IMG_9174(2) IMG_9169(2) IMG_9164(2) IMG_9163(2) IMG_9134(2) IMG_9129(2) IMG_9123(2) IMG_9122(2) IMG_9120(2) IMG_9119(2) IMG_9113(2) IMG_9112(2) IMG_9108(2) IMG_9106(2) IMG_9104(2) IMG_9332(3) IMG_9331(3) IMG_9330(3) IMG_9329(3) IMG_9328(3) IMG_9327(3) IMG_9326(3) IMG_9325(3) IMG_9324(3) IMG_9323(3) IMG_9322(3) IMG_9321(3) IMG_9320(3) IMG_9319(3) IMG_9318(3) IMG_9317(3) IMG_9316(3) IMG_9315(3) IMG_9314(3) IMG_9313(3) IMG_9312(3) IMG_9311(3) IMG_9310(3) IMG_9309(3) IMG_9308(3) IMG_9307(3) IMG_9306(3) IMG_9305(3) IMG_9304(3) IMG_9303(3) IMG_9302(3) IMG_9301(3) IMG_9300(3) IMG_9299(3) IMG_9298(3) IMG_9297(2) IMG_9296(3) IMG_9295(3) IMG_9294(3) IMG_9293(3) IMG_9292(3) IMG_9291(3) IMG_9290(3) IMG_9289(3) IMG_9288(3) IMG_9287(2) IMG_9286(3) IMG_9285(3) IMG_9284(3) IMG_9283(3) IMG_9282(3) IMG_9281(3) IMG_9280(3) IMG_9279(3) IMG_9278(3) IMG_9277(3) IMG_9276(3) IMG_9275(3) IMG_9274(3) IMG_9273(3) IMG_9272(3) IMG_9271(2) IMG_9270(3) IMG_9269(3) IMG_9268(3) IMG_9267(3) IMG_9266(3) IMG_9265(3) IMG_9264(3) IMG_9263(3) IMG_9262(3) IMG_9261(3) IMG_9260(3) IMG_9259(3) IMG_9258(3) IMG_9256(3) IMG_9255(3) IMG_9254(3) IMG_9253(3) IMG_9252(3) IMG_9251(3) IMG_9250(3) IMG_9249(3) IMG_9248(2) IMG_9247(2) IMG_9246(2) IMG_9245(2) IMG_9244(2) IMG_9243(2) IMG_9242(1) IMG_9241(1) IMG_9240(1) IMG_9239(1) IMG_9238(1) IMG_9237(1) IMG_9236(1) IMG_9235(1) IMG_9234(1) IMG_9233(1) IMG_9232(1) IMG_9231(1) IMG_9230(1) IMG_9229(1) IMG_9228(1) IMG_9227(1) IMG_9226(1) IMG_9225(1) IMG_9224(1) IMG_9223(1) IMG_9222(1) IMG_9221(1) IMG_9220(1) IMG_9219(1) IMG_9218(1) IMG_9217(1) IMG_9216(1) IMG_9215(1) IMG_9214(1) IMG_9213(1) IMG_9212(1) IMG_9211(1) IMG_9210(1) IMG_9209(1) IMG_9208(1) IMG_9207(1) IMG_9206(1) IMG_9205(1) IMG_9204(1) IMG_9203(1) IMG_9202(1) IMG_9201(1) IMG_9200(1) IMG_9199(2) IMG_9198(2) IMG_9197(2) IMG_9196(2) IMG_9195(2) IMG_9194(2) IMG_9193(2) IMG_9192(2) IMG_9191(2) IMG_9190(2) IMG_9189(2) IMG_9188(2) IMG_9187(2) IMG_9186(2) IMG_9185(2) IMG_9184(2) IMG_9183(2) IMG_9182(2) IMG_9181(2) IMG_9180(2) IMG_9179(2) IMG_9178(2) IMG_9177(2) IMG_9176(2) IMG_9175(2) IMG_9174(2) IMG_9173(2) IMG_9172(2) IMG_9171(2) IMG_9170(2) IMG_9169(2) IMG_9168(2) IMG_9167(2) IMG_9166(2) IMG_9165(2) IMG_9164(2) IMG_9163(2) IMG_9162(2) IMG_9161(2) IMG_9160(2) IMG_9159(2) IMG_9158(2) IMG_9157(2) IMG_9156(2) IMG_9155(2) IMG_9154(2) IMG_9153(2) IMG_9152(2) IMG_9151(2) IMG_9150(2) IMG_9149(2) IMG_9148(2) IMG_9147(2) IMG_9146(2) IMG_9145(2) IMG_9144(2) IMG_9143(2) IMG_9142(2) IMG_9141(2) IMG_9140(2) IMG_9139(2) IMG_9138(2) IMG_9137(2) IMG_9136(2) IMG_9135(2) IMG_9134(2) IMG_9133(1) IMG_9132(2) IMG_9131(2) IMG_9130(2) IMG_9129(2) IMG_9128(2) IMG_9127(2) IMG_9126(2) IMG_9125(2) IMG_9124(2) IMG_9123(2) IMG_9122(2) IMG_9121(2) IMG_9120(2) IMG_9119(2) IMG_9118(2) IMG_9117(2) IMG_9116(2) IMG_9114(2) IMG_9113(2) IMG_9112(2) IMG_9111(2) IMG_9110(2) IMG_9109(2) IMG_9108(2) IMG_9107(2) IMG_9106(2) IMG_9105(2) IMG_9104(2) IMG_9103(2)