Walt Johnson Rare Custom Milky Way Galaxy Alto Saxophone Case Fits Selmer Mark VI

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For sale is an extremely rare one of a kind Milky Way Galaxy Walt Johnson alto saxophone case!!

This is by far the coolest sax case that Ive literally ever seen. 

I first met this case an extremely long time ago.

I had met a saxophonist that told me he had one of the best playing Selmer Mark VIs I will ever play, and that he had to bring the horn for me to try. 

The horn was around a Sanborn serial number range.

So the cat came to bring me the horn to play and came with this very Walt Johnson case in hands holding the sax.

Before I could even see the saxophone my jaw completely dropped.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Shimmering and sparkling around in the sun almost hologram like I was just taken back by its beauty.  This was a show stopped and I knew it was something really cool!

I made sure to keep my cool but low key I just had never seen a case so cool.

Custom painted Walt Johnson cases are few and far between.

Its extremely rare to find any kind of painted Walt Johnson case at all.  They are extremely coveted by players and collectors.

Few of them were ever made or even in the wild.

There are a few variants or styles of these painted cases you could come across.  Typically they have a Jackson Pollock thrown paint vibe. 

These few found paint striped cases that exist can be found in red, white or blue colors.

Immediately I knew this was not one of those typical thrown paint type cases rather something much different. 

As rare, collectible and valuable as even the striped thrown paint cases are I was extremely interested in this case.

I then asked what exactly was going on with the case, and the player then went on to tell me an extremely detailed account of exactly how he get this horn new from Walt Johnson

The player started to explain to me how much he loved space growing up and that he was completely obsessed with the idea of space travel and what was up there.  He started mentioning about how in the early 1990s NASA launched the Hubble Telescope to space.  He was quiet interested in this and was following it closely. 

Sometime after launching in space the Hubble was able to capture brand new pictures of the Milky Way galaxy in higher fidelity then we had ever seen before.  Apparently news of the Milky Ways clarity and the image of this was big news that made wakes on all the news stations and papers across the world.

The said player told me he then took that exact image and was able figure out how to get it printed out.  He then sent said picture with a letter to Walt Johnson requesting and essentially begging him to make him a custom case to resemble as closely as he could to the Hubbles picture of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The player told me it took quiet a long time before anything came of this.  At one point he sent money, and hadn't heard from Walt for an insanely long time, but in the end sure enough what showed up was the coolest Walt Johnson case ever made that really does closely resemble the Milky Way!

Take a look at picture #8.  Being the case has round edges its sorta hard to fully imagine but if you zoom in you can see the center of the Milky Way.  That sorta known elongated green oval thats so often depicted in Milky Way picture.  There are more close ups on the center of the galaxy at the very bottom of the listing!

Hey Walt, if your out there reading this please message me and let me know if you remember this case and the account!

I wasn't there 20 years ago when this case materialized to know exactly how it went down but said player told me this story with such passion and pride about his case that it made sense.

Of course I asked him if I could purchase the case for him, which he told me absolutely not.  I asked him if there was any number that would buy the case, and there wasn't.

I told him if he ever wanted to sell the case please think of me first.

Well sure enough near a decade later the player had some medical problems and looked me up asking if I would be interested in purchasing the saxophone, HOWEVER he mentioned to me the case WOULD NOT come with the saxophone!!!!

I thought about it for a while and I needed to have this case no matter how much it cost me.  I ended up making an extremely generous high offer for the sax but told him that offer price would include the case.

In the end however many years after I first laid eyes on the case I ended up with it in my possession.  I have now had the case for some years.

Ive decided its time to sell the case and pass it on, or at least put the story and pictures of the horn publicly to be seen!  I understand its an expensive asking price but its hard to put a price on a one of a kind piece of art.

If you are a Walt Johnson collector this is the case for you!

Rare doesn't even begin to explain what this case actually is.

This case really is a one of a kind piece of art work with a great story attached to it. 

The case is being sold as used and is still simply a case so it has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, patina, and other anomalies associated with a used case.  If you had a shop vac, or vacuum with a small end you could clean the interior really nice and clean fresh!

If you love this case please do not hesitate to buy and pay over, I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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