Walt Johnson Mark VI Series II Attached Neck Soprano Saxophone Case

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For sale is a Walt Johnson attached neck Soprano saxophone case!

This is the classic USA made Walt Johnson design that will fit a Selmer Mark VI or Series II saxophone.

In pictures #9 & #10 you can see an older Selmer Series II soprano fit in.

In pictures #11 & #12 you can see a 5 digit Mark VI soprano fit in.

Overall this is a used case that has its fair amount of scratches, kings, fleabites, surface wear and patina....   That being said, when you hold this case in the hands it  you can instantly feel the quality and build strength and understand why these are so coveted.

This case is thick, strong, & durable.  Of course this is a soprano, it sorta looks tiny, but dont let that fool you.   These cases are just tough as nails with the best latches around.

There are some great modern soprano cases on the market right now, but nothing provides the same sure brute strength in combo with being in such a small package as the Walt Johnson soprano case.

These soprano cases are extremely rare to pop up.  They are some what of an ever lasting gobstopper situation, so once a player or collector gets one they don't typically transition hands.

If you have been waiting for one of these to come around please buy and pay confidently we will ship out ASAP upon payment.