Walt Johnson Low A Baritone Saxophone Case

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For sale is an extremely rare Walt Johnson Low A Baritone Saxophone case!

This is a prime example of a Walt Johnson flight case. 

This will only fit a low A baritone.

Im a huge huge fan of these.  I personally have one of these identical that holds my Mark VI low baritone.  Theres nothing more id rather hold it then one of these.

When it comes to quality cases nothing even compares to a Walt Johnson.

When your comparing these to other high end bari cases, these is one of the smallest, easiest to fit in trunk, airplanes, cars then most other cases.

Moving typical baritone cases around can be a real pain so having something contoured like this makes all the difference.

This is being sold has used, and while is very nice is a USED case that has plenty of scratches, knicks, dings, used case marks, etc. 

If you look in picture #11 & #12 you can see the worst of the all ware.  This actually looks way worst in pictures then in real life.  When your touching it its totally firm and solid. 

Typically these cases are only found in much worst condition so overall its a very very nice case.

These really dont come around very often so if you need one please buy and pay confidently!