Universal Audio Apollo Quad Thunderbolt Interface w/Original Box!

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For sale is a fantastic condition Universal Audio Apollo Quad Thunderbolt audio interface with the original box, manual, power supply, etc.

The Apollo is the ultimate swiss army knife interface for the modern producer song writer of any level from bedroom to professional.

The Apollo combines all the services you need to have a fully functional studio, mic pre's, DIs, monitoring, volume knob, headphones, great AD/DA conversion etc.

For the price there is NOTHING out there that competes! 

Im the original and sole owner of this Apollo.  I bought this Apollo brand new, set it up on a desk used it for not that long before upgrading to an Apollo 16!  This piece was then stored in its box waiting for you its new owner!

This piece fully and perfectly functional ready to use out of the box!

This piece comes in its original Apollo high gloss box, original shipping box, manual, power supply, rack screws, etc.

While this piece is in fantastic condition its being sold as used and does have some scratching, smudging, fleabites and other anomalies associated with a used piece!  This piece has never once been racked!

Once you have purchased in full please, go create a free Universal Audio account and let me know your account email and I will transfer the Apollo directly into your name! 

If you have been looking for a new Apollo please dont hesitate to buy and pay over,  I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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