Tube Tech EQ 1A Pultec Style Equalizer

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For sale is an extremely nice condition Tube Tech EQ 1A Pultec style EQ!!

This is a prime example early Tube Tech tube EQ with 7 separate fully switchable in and out EQ sections to give you incredible control and facility over any audio source.

These really are one of the best EQs in the world that will add warmth, depth, vibe, mojo and brilliance to any track.

I personally love way this EQ is layed out.  Each of the 7 sections give you full control to sculpt the sound to perfection.

While typical EQs that give this level of control sometimes can be hard to use, or have a learning curve, this EQ is layed out so great anyone could walk up and twist knobs till it sounds great.

The 7 sections are; low pass filter, high pass filter, low shelf, high shelf, band 1, band 2, band 3.

The fact that each of the EQ sections is switchable in really allows you to dissect your sound and study what your doing to it.  If your a pro this allows you to be precise to the T.  If you are just getting used to EQs being able to switch each section in and out really is a study on what they do to the sound which is incredibly helpful and fun!

This specific unit is overall is in fantastic condition however Im selling it as used as you can find some surface scratching smudging, fleabites or other used marks!  You will have to supply your own $5 IEC cable!

These pieces initially sold for a huge price.  Tube tech now makes a standard Pultec clone that does not feature any of the extra bells and whistles.

I really cant speak great enough about this piece.  They sound great and are one of the most incredible tools you could buy.  This EQ and a preamp could cut an entire album!

If you have been looking for a one of these Pultec EQs Im not sure your going to find a better condition one so please buy and pay confidently, I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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