Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece Collection + Bob Reeves Jet Tone Marcinkiewicz

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For sale is a trumpet mouthpiece collection.

You are buying a lot of 33 mouthpieces, various brands, various models, various conditions, various types.

These mouthpiece are being sold as used and have scratches, knicks, dings, fleabites, bent shanks, metal wear and patina and other anomalies associated with a lot of used mouthpieces!!!

Some of these mouthpiece are in rather nice condition, others or more used your buying this for the good, bad and the ugly!

There are many many Bach mouthpieces.

Vincent Bach

Bob Reeves

Jet Tone




Conn Constellation





Please buy and pay confidently I will ship ASAP upon payment! IMG_1322(2) IMG_1321(2) IMG_1320(2) IMG_1315(2) IMG_1314(2) IMG_1307(2) IMG_1306(2) IMG_1304(2) IMG_1302(2) IMG_1300(2) IMG_1299(2) IMG_1298(3) IMG_1293(3) IMG_1292(3) IMG_1291(1) IMG_1285(1) IMG_1281(2) IMG_1280(2) IMG_1279(1) IMG_1278(2) IMG_1275(2) IMG_1274(2) IMG_1273(2) IMG_1261(2) IMG_1259(2) IMG_1258(2) IMG_1256(2) IMG_1255(2) IMG_1253(2) IMG_1252(2) IMG_1247(2)

IMG_1438(3) IMG_1437(3) IMG_1436(3) IMG_1435(3) IMG_1434(3) IMG_1433(3) IMG_1432(3) IMG_1431(3) IMG_1430(3) IMG_1429(3) IMG_1428(3) IMG_1427(3) IMG_1426(3) IMG_1425(3) IMG_1424(3) IMG_1423(3) IMG_1422(3) IMG_1421(3) IMG_1420(3) IMG_1419(3) IMG_1418(3) IMG_1417(3) IMG_1416(3) IMG_1415(3) IMG_1414(3) IMG_1413(3) IMG_1412(3) IMG_1411(3) IMG_1410(3) IMG_1409(3) IMG_1408(3) IMG_1407(3) IMG_1406(3) IMG_1405(3) IMG_1404(3) IMG_1403(3) IMG_1402(3) IMG_1401(3) IMG_1400(3) IMG_1399(3) IMG_1398(3) IMG_1397(3) IMG_1396(3) IMG_1395(3) IMG_1394(3) IMG_1393(3) IMG_1392(3) IMG_1391(3) IMG_1390(3) IMG_1389(3) IMG_1388(3) IMG_1387(3) IMG_1386(3) IMG_1385(3) IMG_1384(3) IMG_1383(3) IMG_1382(3) IMG_1381(1) IMG_1380(1) IMG_1379(1) IMG_1378(1) IMG_1377(1) IMG_1376(1) IMG_1375(1) IMG_1374(1) IMG_1373(1) IMG_1372(1) IMG_1371(1) IMG_1370(1) IMG_1369(1) IMG_1368(1) IMG_1367(1) IMG_1366(1) IMG_1365(1) IMG_1364(1) IMG_1363(1) IMG_1362(1) IMG_1361(1) IMG_1360(2) IMG_1359(2) IMG_1358(2) IMG_1357(2) IMG_1356(2) IMG_1355(2) IMG_1354(2) IMG_1353(2) IMG_1352(2) IMG_1351(2) IMG_1350(2) IMG_1349(2) IMG_1348(2) IMG_1347(2) IMG_1346(2) IMG_1345(2) IMG_1344(2) IMG_1343(2) IMG_1342(2) IMG_1341(2) IMG_1340(2) IMG_1339(2) IMG_1338(2) IMG_1337(2) IMG_1336(2) IMG_1335(2) IMG_1334(2) IMG_1333(2) IMG_1332(2) IMG_1331(2) IMG_1330(2) IMG_1329(2) IMG_1328(2) IMG_1327(2) IMG_1326(2) IMG_1325(2) IMG_1324(2) IMG_1323(2) IMG_1322(2) IMG_1321(2) IMG_1320(2) IMG_1319(2) IMG_1318(2) IMG_1317(2) IMG_1316(2) IMG_1315(2) IMG_1314(2) IMG_1313(2) IMG_1312(2) IMG_1311(2) IMG_1310(2) IMG_1309(2) IMG_1308(2) IMG_1307(2) IMG_1306(2) IMG_1305(2) IMG_1304(2) IMG_1303(2) IMG_1302(2) IMG_1301(2) IMG_1300(2) IMG_1299(2) IMG_1298(3) IMG_1297(3) IMG_1296(3) IMG_1295(3) IMG_1294(3) IMG_1293(3) IMG_1292(3) IMG_1291(1) IMG_1290(1) IMG_1289(1) IMG_1288(1) IMG_1287(1) IMG_1286(1) IMG_1285(1) IMG_1284(2) IMG_1283(2) IMG_1282(2) IMG_1281(2) IMG_1280(2) IMG_1279(1) IMG_1278(2) IMG_1277(2) IMG_1276(2) IMG_1275(2) IMG_1274(2) IMG_1273(2) IMG_1272(2) IMG_1271(2) IMG_1270(2) IMG_1269(2) IMG_1268(2) IMG_1267(2) IMG_1266(2) IMG_1265(2) IMG_1264(2) IMG_1263(2) IMG_1262(2) IMG_1261(2) IMG_1260(2) IMG_1259(2) IMG_1258(2) IMG_1257(2) IMG_1256(2) IMG_1255(2) IMG_1254(2) IMG_1253(2) IMG_1252(2) IMG_1251(2) IMG_1250(2) IMG_1249(2) IMG_1248(2) IMG_1247(2) IMG_1246(2) IMG_1245(2) IMG_1244(2) IMG_1243(2) IMG_1242(2) IMG_1241(2) IMG_1240(2) IMG_1239(2) IMG_1238(2) IMG_1237(2) IMG_1236(2) IMG_1235(2) IMG_1234(2)