Swanee Sax Slide Saxophone

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For sale is a Swanee Sax slide saxophone!

This horn is an absolute fantastic find from the early 1930s 

These saxophones were initially sold as an easy, affordable, simple entry into the saxophone world.  These days slide saxophones rarely come to market and are extremely rare quirky pieces.

This saxophone is the Model A model.  There was a shorter Model B as well.

This saxophone comes with its original case, cap & neck strap! 

The original 1930s advertisements show the exact rope neck strap & case thats included.

The original end cap is not just a typical round mouthpiece cap.  There is a flat edge and a round edge so it fits the top of the saxophone very specifically.

There is an unmarked mouthpiece and ligature as well.   Its unknown if these are original are included after.

Typically when these are found they are in pretty rough condition.  Back when these were abused and used so all things considering this piece is in rather awesome condition.

The slide itself is straight on with little use.  The slide travels freely with ease up and down.   The slide is tight with fantastic lacing.  If you let go and drop the slide it slowly releases and drops down.

There's only a few handful of these that have come to market over the last decade.   If you have been looking to add a slide saxophone to your collection please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment!