SSL Solid State Logic Sigma Analog Summing Mixer LIKE NEW IN BOX!

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For sale is a like new Solid State Logic Sigma analog summing mixer!

SSL has created the best summing mixer on the market!  The Sigma is the ultimate solution for the hybrid setup.

The Sigma can be used and configured to do a number of interesting things.

Im personally a huge fan of these and am sad to let this one go, but its just sitting here right now not plugged in and deserves love.

My studio had a totally different unit Sigma that needed maintenance.  SSL sent the unit off to England and I started the very lengthy wait process.  In a weird turn of events SSL accidentally ended up shipping the Sigma back without ever even touching it or fixing it.

Because it was a poor experience and very long weight as a customer accommodation SSL invited me to headquarters here in Los Angeles invited me to come pickup a brand new unit direct from them.

This unit is 100% fully functional like new unit that I personally picked up direct from SSL Los Angeles.

My full intention was to use the piece, however after the very lengthy wait I ended up re configuring my full setup and everything is now passing through a 1 space Burl Summing mixer, this is a 2 space unit.

Sadly the way all the cable management is done, and how tight everything is fit in I would basically have to do a full break down and rebuild to install the SSL back in.

I understand that full story wasn't necessary but I wanted to explain where the unit came from, and why im selling it.

When it comes to these units there is alot going on with them and theres no substitute for getting a fresh, non used and abused unit.

Typically around this time retailers put the Sigma's on sale, then after the holidays they get raised in price some $1000 $1500.   Im pricing mine more affordable then anyone else in this condition.

Please buy and pay confidently I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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