Selmer New Large Bore Super Gold Plated Tenor Saxophone Owned by Railroad Earth

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For sale is a glorious Selmer New Large Bore or Super tenor saxophone with factory gold plating and engraving!

This is a prime example of a 1930 Selmer gold plated tenor!  These horns are extraordinarily rare and this horn a total unicorn!

This horn was made at the very end of the New Large Bore run start of the Super run.

Its very rare to find any kind of Selmer tenor around this serial range.  If you do manage to find a tenor its celebrated regardless of the condition, let alone a prime gold plated example! 

Most times you find these horns they are relaq or unlaq or bare brass totally rotting with swapped parts, wrong parts, horrible trauma, necks with patches etc.

To find this horn as a tenor, thats gold plated, with extra engraving is just a perfect storm of a collectors horn!

The neck on this horn is in rather awesome condition.  The gold plating is fantastic and the cross hairs are very detailed.  Having a horn like this with a neck in such nice condition is a huge anchor!

This saxophone came from the collection of the late great Andy Goessling of the band Railroad Earth.  Andy had an amazing collection of instruments and when the opportunity came to purchase his top gem I couldn't say no.

This horn is being sold as not working.  There needs to be a cork installed so the necks octave key stays shut.

Please plan on bringing this horn to your tech to get a good solid setup! 

This horn is a very old used antique and has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, fleabites, metal wear, tarnish, gold plate loss, and other anomalies associated with a 90 year old used horn!

Take a look at picture #12, the clothing guard has a piece modified and added to it after the factory. 

Selmer factory gold plated tenor saxophones are one of the most coveted horns in all  of the saxophone world.  Players can go there whole lives lusting after one however they are near extinct with very few examples in the wild.  Any horns that exists are held up in collections never to see the light of day.

If you have been looking for a gold plated tenor and love this horn please do not hesitate to buy and pay over we will ship ASAP upon payment.

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