Selmer Super Balanced Action SBA Tenor Saxophone w/Warranty Card!

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For sale is a stunning 1947 Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor saxophone with its matching serial number neck and factory warranty card!!!

This is a prime example original lacquer SBA that has everything going for it!

This horn features undeniable original lacquer with amazing highly detailed and ornate factory engravings.

This saxophone comes with its original Selmer warranty card!!!  This is a seriously awesome collectors piece that is very rarely ever found.  I dream of finding warranty cards on an SBA so this is an incredible find!

SBAs are in great shortage.  There are very few original lacquer horns floating around.  These horns have become near impossible to find and its only getting harder.

This saxophone comes with its very rare & very valuable factory case.  These cases are very rarley seen, and most times will be an alto.  These cases have a grey cloth tight knit on the outside with 2x Lucite handles because plastics were not a thing at that point yet standardized with the black plush inside.  This case has 2 Selmer logo's.  The case is in pretty nice shape.  This case as a tenor could sell for $1000 $1500 alone.

This saxophone in a 1947 serial number #35xxx with matching #35xxx neck!  This horn has an awesome neck.  This neck has no pickups, patches, or major problems!  Finding an SBA with a great neck is worth its weight in gold.

This saxophone comes with its very rarely seen grenadilla wood SBA end plug.  These are not the same as the Mark VI variant.  These prolly sell for $200 $300 by it self.

This saxophone is being sold as not working and will require a full pad job and overhaul to be a primo playing horn.

While the key work doesnt feel half that bad the bads are very very old.  For a horn of this level your going to need to overhaul the horn.

 While this saxophone is beautiful it has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, metal wear of various red or green colors, patina throughout in various patches, and other anomalies associated with such an old played horn. 

There is a thumb tip sized dent indentation directly to the left of the main bell Selmer logo.  Please refer to picture #12 for a close up on this.  This will definitely come out nicely in the overhaul.

Once again you will need to get a pad job and overhaul on this saxophone.

This saxophone is a perfect storm of things going for it between the amazing engraving, original laq, awesome condition neck, amazing case, wood endplug, warranty card,etc , etc it just makes this horn a very very rare find.

Theres no doubt once this horn is fully overhauled this is going to be a beast of a player.  I wish I could see how she plays but it will be up to you to take her across the finish line.

If your a tech or have a favorite tech this horn is the best candidate on the market out of very very few options so please do not hesitate to buy and pay over I will ship ASAP upon payment! IMG_1994(1) IMG_1979(1) IMG_1978(1) IMG_1974(1) IMG_1973(1) IMG_1967(1) IMG_1960(1) IMG_1928(1) IMG_1926(1) IMG_1922 IMG_1901 IMG_1900 IMG_1897 IMG_1865(1) IMG_1851(1) IMG_1850(1) IMG_1849(1) IMG_1843(1) IMG_1842(1) IMG_1839(1) IMG_1838(1) IMG_1835(1) IMG_1834(1) IMG_1832(1) IMG_1827(1) IMG_1817(1) IMG_1816(1) IMG_1815(1) IMG_1814(1) IMG_1806(1) IMG_1805(1) IMG_1796(1) IMG_1795(1) IMG_1794(1) IMG_1793(1) IMG_1791(1) IMG_1790(1) IMG_1789(1) IMG_1788(1) IMG_1787(1) IMG_1786(1) IMG_1784(1) IMG_1783(1) IMG_1781(1) IMG_1761(1) IMG_1760(1) IMG_1758(1) IMG_1755(1) IMG_1752(1) IMG_1743(1) IMG_1740(1) IMG_1739(1) IMG_1738(1) IMG_1736(1) IMG_1735(1) IMG_1732(1) IMG_1730(1)

IMG_2097(1) IMG_2096(1) IMG_2095(1) IMG_2094(1) IMG_2093(1) IMG_2092(1) IMG_2091(1) IMG_2090(1) IMG_2089(1) IMG_2088(1) IMG_2087(1) IMG_2086(1) IMG_2085(1) IMG_2084(1) IMG_2083(1) IMG_2082(1) IMG_2081(1) IMG_2080(1) IMG_2079(1) IMG_2077(1) IMG_2076(1) IMG_2075(1) IMG_2074(1) IMG_2073(1) IMG_2072(1) IMG_2071(1) IMG_2070(1) IMG_2069(1) IMG_2068(1) IMG_2067(1) IMG_2066(1) IMG_2065(1) IMG_2064(1) IMG_2063(1) IMG_2062(1) IMG_2061(1) IMG_2060(1) IMG_2059(1) IMG_2058(1) IMG_2057(1) IMG_2056(1) IMG_2055(1) IMG_2054(1) IMG_2053(1) IMG_2052(1) IMG_2051(1) IMG_2050(1) IMG_2049(1) IMG_2048(1) IMG_2047(1) IMG_2046(1) IMG_2045(1) IMG_2044(1) IMG_2043(1) IMG_2042(1) IMG_2041(1) IMG_2040(1) IMG_2039(1) IMG_2038(1) IMG_2037(1) IMG_2036(1) IMG_2035(1) IMG_2034(1) IMG_2033(1) IMG_2032(1) IMG_2031(1) IMG_2030(1) IMG_2029(1) IMG_2028(1) IMG_2027(1) IMG_2026(1) IMG_2025(1) IMG_2024(1) IMG_2023(1) IMG_2022(1) IMG_2021(1) IMG_2020(1) IMG_2019(1) IMG_2018(1) IMG_2017(1) IMG_2016(1) IMG_2015(1) IMG_2014(1) IMG_2013(1) IMG_2012(1) IMG_2011(1) IMG_2010(1) IMG_2009(1) IMG_2008(1) IMG_2007(1) IMG_2006(1) IMG_2005(1) IMG_2004(1) IMG_2003(1) IMG_2001(1) IMG_1999(1) IMG_1998(1) IMG_1997(1) IMG_1996(1) IMG_1995(1) IMG_1994(1) IMG_1993(1) IMG_1992(1) IMG_1991(1) IMG_1990(1) IMG_1989(1) IMG_1988(1) IMG_1987(1) IMG_1983(1) IMG_1982(1) IMG_1981(1) IMG_1980(1) IMG_1979(1) IMG_1978(1) IMG_1977(1) IMG_1975(1) IMG_1974(1) IMG_1973(1) IMG_1972(1) IMG_1970(1) IMG_1969(1) IMG_1968(1) IMG_1967(1) IMG_1966(1) IMG_1965(1) IMG_1964(1) IMG_1963(1) IMG_1962(1) IMG_1961(1) IMG_1960(1) IMG_1959(1) IMG_1958(1) IMG_1957(1) IMG_1956(1) IMG_1955(1) IMG_1954(1) IMG_1953(1) IMG_1952(1) IMG_1951(1) IMG_1950(1) IMG_1949(1) IMG_1948(1) IMG_1947(1) IMG_1946(1) IMG_1945(1) IMG_1944(1) IMG_1943(1) IMG_1942(1) IMG_1941(1) IMG_1940(1) IMG_1939(1) IMG_1938(1) IMG_1937(1) IMG_1936(1) IMG_1935(1) IMG_1934(1) IMG_1933(1) IMG_1932(1) IMG_1931(1) IMG_1930(1) IMG_1929(1) IMG_1928(1) IMG_1927(1) IMG_1926(1) IMG_1925 IMG_1924 IMG_1923 IMG_1922 IMG_1921 IMG_1920 IMG_1919 IMG_1918 IMG_1917 IMG_1916(1) IMG_1915(1) IMG_1914(1) IMG_1913(1) IMG_1912(1) IMG_1911(1) IMG_1910(1) IMG_1909(1) IMG_1908(1) IMG_1907(1) IMG_1906(1) IMG_1905(1) IMG_1904(1) IMG_1902 IMG_1901 IMG_1900 IMG_1899 IMG_1898 IMG_1896 IMG_1895 IMG_1894 IMG_1893 IMG_1892 IMG_1891 IMG_1890 IMG_1889 IMG_1888 IMG_1887 IMG_1886 IMG_1885 IMG_1884 IMG_1883 IMG_1882 IMG_1881 IMG_1880 IMG_1879 IMG_1878 IMG_1874 IMG_1873 IMG_1872 IMG_1871 IMG_1870 IMG_1869 IMG_1868(1) IMG_1867(1) IMG_1866(1) IMG_1865(1) IMG_1864(1) IMG_1863(1) IMG_1862(1) IMG_1861(1) IMG_1860(1) IMG_1859(1) IMG_1858(1) IMG_1857(1) IMG_1856(1) IMG_1855(1) IMG_1854(1) IMG_1853(1) IMG_1852(1) IMG_1851(1) IMG_1850(1) IMG_1849(1) IMG_1848(1) IMG_1847(1) IMG_1846(1) IMG_1845(1) IMG_1844(1) IMG_1843(1) IMG_1842(1) IMG_1841(1) IMG_1840(1) IMG_1839(1) IMG_1838(1) IMG_1837(1) IMG_1836(1) IMG_1835(1) IMG_1834(1) IMG_1833(1) IMG_1832(1) IMG_1831(1) IMG_1830(1) IMG_1829(1) IMG_1828(1) IMG_1827(1) IMG_1826(1) IMG_1825(1) IMG_1824(1) IMG_1823(1) IMG_1821(1) IMG_1820(1) IMG_1818(1) IMG_1817(1) IMG_1816(1) IMG_1815(1) IMG_1814(1) IMG_1813(1) IMG_1812(1) IMG_1811(1) IMG_1810(1) IMG_1809(1) IMG_1808(1) IMG_1807(1) IMG_1806(1) IMG_1805(1) IMG_1804(1) IMG_1803(1) IMG_1802(1) IMG_1801(1) IMG_1800(1) IMG_1799(1) IMG_1798(1) IMG_1797(1) IMG_1796(1) IMG_1795(1) IMG_1794(1) IMG_1793(1) IMG_1792(1) IMG_1791(1) IMG_1790(1) IMG_1789(1) IMG_1788(1) IMG_1787(1) IMG_1786(1) IMG_1785(1) IMG_1784(1) IMG_1783(1) IMG_1782(1) IMG_1781(1) IMG_1780(1) IMG_1779(1) IMG_1778(1) IMG_1777(1) IMG_1776(1) IMG_1775(1) IMG_1774(1) IMG_1773(1) IMG_1772(1) IMG_1771(1) IMG_1770(1) IMG_1769(1) IMG_1768(1) IMG_1767(1) IMG_1766(1) IMG_1765(1) IMG_1764(1) IMG_1763(1) IMG_1762(1) IMG_1761(1) IMG_1760(1) IMG_1759(1) IMG_1758(1) IMG_1757(1) IMG_1756(1) IMG_1755(1) IMG_1754(1) IMG_1753(1) IMG_1752(1) IMG_1751(1) IMG_1750(1) IMG_1749(1) IMG_1748(1) IMG_1747(1) IMG_1746(1) IMG_1745(1) IMG_1744(1) IMG_1743(1) IMG_1742(1) IMG_1741(1) IMG_1740(1) IMG_1739(1) IMG_1738(1) IMG_1737(1) IMG_1736(1) IMG_1735(1) IMG_1734(1) IMG_1733(1) IMG_1732(1) IMG_1731(1) IMG_1730(1)