Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Tenor Saxophone BLOW OUT DEAL!

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For sale is a blow out deal on a not working Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Series II tenor saxophone

This horn is going to require tech work to be a fully functional saxophone

This horn is being sold as not working and has its fair share of scratches, dings, dents, fleabites, metal wear, anomalies etc.

Please check out picture #11 & #12.  The high F# tone hole and post next to itit has a dent in & press in that will require repair.

Overall its a very nice Selmer tenor and the pads are all bright orange in great condition, however theres no getting around the horn is not working and will require work.

This horn ships with no case included however will be packaged bomb proof in a ball of bubble wrap and packaging!

If you are a tech or have a favorite local tech we are pricing this on blow out deal to sell.  This horn has great potential as it doesn't need new pads. 

Horns like this in fully playing condition are selling for a good deal more, so if you are in the market and enjoy the project please buy and pay confidently! PhotoRoom_042_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_043_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_044_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_045_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_046_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_048_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_049_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_050_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_051_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_052_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_053_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_054_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_055_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_056_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_057_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_058_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_059_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_060_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_061_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_062_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_063_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_064_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_066_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_067_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_068_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_069_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_070_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_071_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_072_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_073_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_074_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_075_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_076_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_077_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_078_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_079_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_080_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_081_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_082_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_083_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_084_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_085_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_086_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_087_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_088_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_089_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_090_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_091_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_092_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_093_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_095_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_096_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_101_20220318_223421 PhotoRoom_094_20220318_223421