Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Low A Baritone Saxophone

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For sale is a fantastic Selmer Super Action 80 Series II baritone sax!

As far as modern low A baritones, it does not get much better then the Series II!

The Series II low A baritone is an iconic modern baritone that in this price range is the absolute king.  In this price range nothing can beat it.

These baritones sell brand new for a very pretty penny brand new so this is a great chance to swoop in and get one for a great price.

Its really not often new Selmer Baritones come to market.

Within the last few years this saxophone was overhauled with new pads.  The horn is opening and closing just as should be.  The horn is a fun horn to play however with bari's you are almost always going to want to get a leak job done by your favorite tech to really get this thing playing at the tip top level.

This horn is being sold as used and throughout the entire horn has plenty of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, metal wear of various red or green colors, weld marks, repair marks, laq wear and other anomalies associated with a giant big piece of metal that has been highly used!

My main concern is just conveying that the new owner understands this is no kind of beauty queen and some might consider her 'ugly'.

All of this being said, this horn has absolutely beautiful Selmer Paris hand engraving that sprawls top to bottom of the extremely long low A bell, on both sides of it!

The bari sax is such a giant round piece of extremely reflective metal that once I take pictures its really hard to capture the engraving details but let me assure you in the hands this saxophone is engraved bottom to top! 

The engraving on these bari's are nothing like the alto or tenor counter parts and remind me of there earlier Mark VI brothers!

This horn does not come with the original matching Selmer case.

Im pricing this to sell right here, right now!  This is the most affordable Selmer Series II baritone on the world wide web so please do not hesitate to buy and pay over.  I will ship out ASAP upon payment! IMG_5083(1) IMG_5081(1) IMG_5066(1) IMG_5058(1) IMG_5056(1) IMG_5054(1) IMG_5051(1) IMG_5042(1) IMG_5040(1) IMG_5032(1) IMG_5016(1) IMG_5015(1) IMG_5009(1) IMG_5008(1) IMG_4995(1) IMG_4994(1) IMG_4988(1) IMG_4987(1) IMG_4984(1) IMG_4980(1) IMG_4979(1) IMG_4970(1) IMG_4966(1) IMG_4964(1) IMG_4963(1) IMG_4958(1) IMG_4955(1) IMG_4954(1) IMG_4946(1) IMG_4939(1) IMG_4927(1) IMG_4926(1) IMG_4922(1) IMG_4920(1)

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