Selmer Super Action 80 Series I Alto Saxophone MINTY CONDITION!

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For sale is a minty condition Selmer Super Action 80 Series I alto saxophone with its original case, case cover, end cap, mouthpiece, ligature, cap and neck!

This is an absolutely gorgeous vintage example of 1984 Serial #358xxx with all of the accompanying candy.

This horn is vintage used horn with some 37 years old however its in better condition then most 5 year old saxophones you will find!

This horn is an exceptionally awesome shape with a full luster and shine with barely anywhere.  The worst of the wear is on the left hand palm keys.

These horns were only made for a very limited time in the early 1980s.  These horns are loud and proud with a very strong core tonality.  These horns have taken on a cult following and have become very desirable.

This saxophone is being sold as used and although is in awesome condition still does have scratches, aging, patina, laq wear, various smudging or other used marks.  To fully maximize the horns play ability im recommending a small setup by your tech!

This package comes with its original case & case cover which sells for a pretty penny.

This package comes with its original Selmer branded end cap worth a pretty penny.

This package comes with its original Selmer branded ligature, moutpiece & cap worth a pretty penny!

Ive never seen one of these in such nice condition so if you've been waiting for the super original Super Action 80 please do not hesitate to buy and pay over, we will ship ASAP upon payment!

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This is an absolutely prime minty

IMG_9934(2) IMG_9933(2) IMG_9932(2) IMG_9931(2) IMG_9930(2) IMG_9929(2) IMG_9928(2) IMG_9927(2) IMG_9926(2) IMG_9925(2) IMG_9924(2) IMG_9923(2) IMG_9922(2) IMG_9921(2) IMG_9920(2) IMG_9919(2) IMG_9918(2) IMG_9917(2) IMG_9916(2) IMG_9915(2) IMG_9914(2) IMG_9913(2) IMG_9912(2) IMG_9911(2) IMG_9910(2) IMG_9909(1) IMG_9908(2) IMG_9907(2) IMG_9906(2) IMG_9905(2) IMG_9904(2) IMG_9903(2) IMG_9902(2) IMG_9901(2) IMG_9900(2) IMG_9899(2) IMG_9898(2) IMG_9897(2) IMG_9896(2) IMG_9895(2) IMG_9894(2) IMG_9893(2) IMG_9892(2) IMG_9891(2) IMG_9890(3) IMG_9889(3) IMG_9888(3) IMG_9887(3) IMG_9886(3) IMG_9885(3) IMG_9884(3) IMG_9883(3) IMG_9882(3) IMG_9881(3) IMG_9880(3) IMG_9879(3) IMG_9878(3) IMG_9877(3) IMG_9876(3) IMG_9875(3) IMG_9874(3) IMG_9873(3) IMG_9872(3) IMG_9871(3) IMG_9870(3) IMG_9869(3) IMG_9868(3) IMG_9867(3) IMG_9866(3) IMG_9865(3) IMG_9864(3) IMG_9863(3) IMG_9862(3) IMG_9861(3) IMG_9860(3) IMG_9859(3) IMG_9858(3) IMG_9857(3) IMG_9856(3) IMG_9855(3) IMG_9854(3) IMG_9853(3) IMG_9852(3) IMG_9851(3) IMG_9850(2) IMG_9849(2) IMG_9848(2) IMG_9847(2) IMG_9846(2) IMG_9845(2) IMG_9844(2) IMG_9843(2) IMG_9842(2) IMG_9841(2) IMG_9840(2) IMG_9839(2) IMG_9838(2) IMG_9837(2) IMG_9836(2) IMG_9835(2) IMG_9834(2) IMG_9833(2) IMG_9832(2) IMG_9831(2) IMG_9830(2) IMG_9829(2) IMG_9828(2) IMG_9827(2) IMG_9826(2) IMG_9825(2) IMG_9824(2) IMG_9823(2) IMG_9822(2) IMG_9821(2) IMG_9820(2) IMG_9819(2) IMG_9818(2) IMG_9817(2) IMG_9816(2) IMG_9815(2) IMG_9814(2) IMG_9813(2) IMG_9812(2) IMG_9811(2) IMG_9810(2) IMG_9809(2) IMG_9808(2) IMG_9807(2) IMG_9806(2) IMG_9805(2) IMG_9804(2) IMG_9803(2) IMG_9802(2) IMG_9801(2) IMG_9800(2) IMG_9799(2) IMG_9798(2) IMG_9797(2) IMG_9796(2) IMG_9795(2) IMG_9794(2) IMG_9793(2) IMG_9792(2) IMG_9791(2) IMG_9790(2) IMG_9789(2) IMG_9788(2) IMG_9787(2) IMG_9786(2) IMG_9785(1) IMG_9784(1) IMG_9783(1) IMG_9782(1) IMG_9781(1) IMG_9780(1) IMG_9779(1) IMG_9777(1) IMG_9776(1) IMG_9775(1) IMG_9774 IMG_9773(1) IMG_9772(1) IMG_9771(1) IMG_9770(1) IMG_9769(1) IMG_9768(1) IMG_9767(1) IMG_9766(1) IMG_9765(1) IMG_9764(1) IMG_9763(1) IMG_9762(1) IMG_9761(1) IMG_9760(1) IMG_9759(1) IMG_9758(1) IMG_9757(1) IMG_9756(1) IMG_9755(2) IMG_9754(2) IMG_9753(2) IMG_9752(2) IMG_9751(2) IMG_9750(2) IMG_9749(2) IMG_9748(2) IMG_9747(1) IMG_9746(1) IMG_9745(2) IMG_9744(2) IMG_9743(2) IMG_9742(2) IMG_9741(2) IMG_9740(2) IMG_9739(2) IMG_9738(2) IMG_9737(2) IMG_9736(2) IMG_9735(2) IMG_9734(2) IMG_9733(2) IMG_9732(2) IMG_9731(2) IMG_9730(2) IMG_9729(2) IMG_9728(2) IMG_9727(2) IMG_9726(2) IMG_9725(2) IMG_9724(2) IMG_9723(2) IMG_9722(2) IMG_9721(2) IMG_9720(2) IMG_9719(2) IMG_9718(2) IMG_9717(2) IMG_9716(2) IMG_9715(2) IMG_9714(2) IMG_9713(2) IMG_9712(2) IMG_9711(2) IMG_9710(2) IMG_9709(2) IMG_9708(2) IMG_9707(1) IMG_9706(2) IMG_9705(2) IMG_9704(2) IMG_9703(2) IMG_9702(2) IMG_9701(2) IMG_9700(2) IMG_9699(2) IMG_9698(2) IMG_9697(2) IMG_9696(2) IMG_9695(2) IMG_9694(2) IMG_9693(2) IMG_9692(2) IMG_9691(2) IMG_9690(2) IMG_9689(2) IMG_9688(2) IMG_9687(2) IMG_9686(2) IMG_9685(2) IMG_9684(2) IMG_9683(2) IMG_9682(2) IMG_9681(2) IMG_9680(2) IMG_9679(2) IMG_9678(2) IMG_9677(2) IMG_9676(2) IMG_9675(3) IMG_9674(3) IMG_9673(3) IMG_9672(3) IMG_9671(3) IMG_9670(1) IMG_9669(2) IMG_9668(1) IMG_9667(2) IMG_9666(2) IMG_9665(2) IMG_9664(2) IMG_9663(2) IMG_9662(2) IMG_9661(2) IMG_9660(2) IMG_9659(2) IMG_9658(2) IMG_9657(2) IMG_9656(2) IMG_9655(2) IMG_9654(2) IMG_9653(2) IMG_9652(2) IMG_9651(2) IMG_9650(2) IMG_9649(2) IMG_9648(2) IMG_9647(2) IMG_9646(2) IMG_9645(2) IMG_9644(2) IMG_9643(2) IMG_9642(2) IMG_9641(2) IMG_9640(2) IMG_9639(2) IMG_9638(2) IMG_9637(2) IMG_9636(2) IMG_9635(2) IMG_9634(1) IMG_9633(2) IMG_9632(2) IMG_9631(2) IMG_9630(2) IMG_9629(2) IMG_9628(2) IMG_9627(2) IMG_9626(2) IMG_9625(2) IMG_9624(2) IMG_9623(2) IMG_9622(2) IMG_9621(2) IMG_9620(2) IMG_9619(2) IMG_9618(2) IMG_9617(2) IMG_9616(2) IMG_9615(2) IMG_9614(2) IMG_9613(2) IMG_9612(2) IMG_9611(2) IMG_9610(2) IMG_9609(2) IMG_9608(1) IMG_9607(1) IMG_9606(1) IMG_9605(2) IMG_9604(2) IMG_9603(2)