Selmer Super Action 80 Series I 1983 Tenor Saxophone

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For sale is a fantastic Selmer Super Action 80 Series I tenor saxophone with its original case!

This is a 40 year vintage Selmer Paris produced in 1983 with a serial #343xxx.

These horns were only made for a very limited time in the early 1980s and are fantastic players.  These horns play loud and proud with a very strong core tone. 

Among some players these early Series I horns have taken on a cult following and have become very desirable.

While sometimes these pop up as altos they are pretty rare to find as a tenor in non trashed condition.

This saxophone is being sold as used and has its fair share of scratches, kicks, dings, lacquer wear, metal wear, used marks.

This horn overall is in pretty nice condition, but no doubt its a used horn 40 year old horn.  

There is strong scratching around the bow area.   

There is 1 handle missing from the case.

The horn needs a new neck cork.

The horn is playing right now, but its sitting on its original factory pads and metal resonators! 

It will be up to the next buyer to decide to get the horn setup, or go for a full pad job, but the pads are now old.

If you've been looking to purchase Super Action 80 this horn is priced to sell so please buy and pay confidently, we will ship ASAP upon payment!