Selmer Series II Jubilee 52JM Matte Pro Alto Saxophone w/CANDY

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Selmer Paris 52JM Series II Jubilee Matte Pro Alto Saxophone

For sale is a fantastic Selmer Paris Series II Jubilee 52JM alto saxophone!

This is a prime, recent modern Selmer Jubilee variant.

The Series II is the best selling professional saxophone of all time.  These horns are tried and true fan favorites.  

The series II has been in production a long time and there are many used horns out there.  Back some time ago Selmer re imagined the Series II, gave it new engraving, fixed some problems, gave it some advancements, addressed some things and so came the modern era of Series II Jubilee horns.

These Jubilee horns are great players and beautiful horns.   There are not many of these used out in the wild for sale.

This horn ships with Selmer case, Selmer backpack straps, Selmer cork grease, Selmer neck swab, Selmer polishing cloth, Selmer neck strap, Selmer mouthpiece, lig & cap!

This horn is a gorgeous horn but is being sold as used.   This horn has its fair share of scratching, knicks, dings, fleabites, engraving wear, metal wear etc.

Please take a look at the pictures, no doubt this is a used play horn.   The horn it self is in great condition but also theres plenty of cosmetic marks,  little black marks and dots of patina, and engraving wear, metal wear,  little things all over thru the entire horn,  so please take a look at the pictures and understand this is not a perfect shiny flawless horn!

If you have been looking for a Selmer Paris horn, there are not many of these out there and this is a great package, so please buy and pay confidently.   We will ship ASAP upon payment!


The Selmer Paris Series II alto saxophone is the most popular Selmer Paris saxophone in history. The 52JM is identical to the 52JU except that the matte finish with lacquer keys provides a unique look and warm tone. The Series II sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and bass saxophones have been the professional choice for a generation and continue to be the most popular professional saxophone in the world. The reasons are clear: they all possess a flexible but centered tone that is natural in almost any playing situation. Yellow brass body tubes and keys resonate across the entire timbre spectrum: full-ribbed construction enhances their durability. The Series’ superior intonation characteristics make these saxophone a natural choice for any professional or those who aspire to be.

Acoustics: Series II body style-full sound, Necks: Series II bore, Construction: full ribs, Body material: matte finish over yellow brass with clear lacquer keys , Mouthpiece: S-80 C*, Mechanism: compact key positioning - closer to the body and directly under the hand, Range: high F# key, Front F key: spatula, Left-hand thumb rest: plastic, Right-hand thumb rest: plastic adjustable, Adjusting screws: high F, G# key, F#/G# lug, F#/G#, adjusting bar, low C#, low B, side C, side Bb, Pivot screws: tapered, Needle springs: blued steel, Pads: treated leather with metal resonators.

From the moment you place your order the process starts ASAP and the gears begin turning so please buy and pay confidently!

Most orders are ready to dispatch and typically ship within 24 to 48 hours, and many times we can get them out DAY OF purchase. If you would like to feel confident when purchasing feel free to message over and we can tell you the exact time table for your horn as well share with you if the horn is shipping from Sax Stable headquarters, or direct from Conn Selmer’s horn vault.


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