Selmer SBA Super Balanced Action Coltrane Era Tenor Saxophone SCARCE HOLY GRAIL

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For sale is a John Coltrane era scarce holy grail Selmer Super Balanced Action tenor saxophone in glorious original lacquer!

This is an absolutely prime era example SBA serial #40xxx, with its identical matching serial numbered neck!  This horn falls under the exact serial range as John Coltrane’s famous SBA!

Its been reported through the years by numerous repair tech’s that have touched John Coltrane’s horn, as well other first hand accounts that John Coltrane’s SBA tenor was a 40xxx, and his Mark VI tenor which sits at the Smithsonian is serial #125,571.

There were only so many tenor SBA’s ever produced period, let alone so close to mans horn himself.  Out of those total horns most are poor condition or relaq, so for the Coltrane obsessed player thats also a Selmer collector it doesn’t get much cooler then this!

This horn is undisputably original lacquer with beautiful highly elaborate original factory engravings!  The horn is right on and has just the right look, color, tone, hue as this exact era SBA should.  As I graze my hands over top the engravings they are deep to the touch and feel just right.

This horn has a very nice neck!  The neck is the exact matching serial number as the body.  Typically these necks are destroyed or in pretty gnarly poor condition.  This neck has some corrosion or metal wear on the top by the cork, but its really not that bad.  This is the worst patina area to write about on the entire horn. 

I was curious if the patina was deep or exactly what was going on so I scratched at it with my finger nail and the patina started easily flaking off.  I then used a Q tip and could see it was removing patina and build up no problem.  I didnt want to go any farther with the removal but that will be your choice to leave as is or have the cleaned off during the overhaul process!

All of that being said about the neck overall is in awesome condition.  In the hands the neck that feels sturdy, thick and structurally sound in the hands.  The front cross hairs are just right, theres no massive pull down, or patches, or pickups, or weird problems. 

The horn it self is in an awesome condition.  While of course this horn is a used antique overall this horn is in seriously excellent shape.  Its really not everyday such an original condition beautiful example of SBA comes up like this.

SBA tenors are some of the rarest and most desirable Selmer’s horns.  Typically speaking these days they are never coming up in this condition for sale.  Horns this condition generally tend to be swept up into players or collectors hands locked away  for another generation.

More times than none the SBAs that do come to market are old ugly tired horns, relaqs, or weird problems, missing the original neck, or mis matched serial number, pickup on neck, patches on neck, missing keyguards, missing clothing guards, giant trauma or all sorts of other weird problems.

Its very once in a while a horn comes to market thats beautiful original lacquer with such lavish engraving and pristine glow without all thees series of problems.  

While this is a very valuable horn this sax is being sold as not working and will require a full overhaul and pad job to be a properly playing gig worthy horn.

As gorgeous as this horn is its a 70+ year old antique and has its fair share of scratching, Knicks, dings, fleabites, patina, corrosion, metal ware of various colors, and other anomalies associated with such an old saxophone antique requiring overhaul.

There are some weak and missing springs, as well the horn is sitting on many or most of its original factory pads so the horn is def not playing and for sure will need an overhaul pad job!

The horn comes with its factory original Chesterfield tray pack case in awesome condition!  This case is meant to hold a clarinet and flute.   The case has both the outside Selmer logo as well as the inside Chesterfield logo fully entact.

The case’s outside has clean popping classic orange leather outside.  Both zippers are still fully functioning!  These cases are almost always totally ripped, torn, shredded in every which way, almost always broken zippered.  When these cases are even just ‘good’ condition they can sell for a serious big bucks retail price sold by them selves.

This horn comes with its original Grenadilla wood end plug in awesome condition!  These original SBA range end plugs  are rare and also can sell for a serious retail price.

Overall this horn is a perfect storm of serial number, condition, and overall package.  If you have been looking for a prime condition original lacquer SBA please do not hesitate to buy and pay confidently, we will ship out ASAP upon payment! IMG_0576 IMG_0575 IMG_0574 IMG_0573 IMG_0572 IMG_0571 IMG_0570 IMG_0569 IMG_0568 IMG_0567 IMG_0566 IMG_0565
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IMG_0063(5) IMG_0062(4) IMG_0061(5) IMG_0060(5) IMG_0059(5) IMG_0058(5) IMG_0057(5) IMG_0056(5) IMG_0055(5) IMG_0054(5) IMG_0053(5) IMG_0052(4) IMG_0051(5) IMG_0050(5) IMG_0049(5) IMG_0048(5) IMG_0047(5) IMG_0046(5) IMG_0045(5) IMG_0044(5) IMG_0043(5) IMG_0042(2) IMG_0041(2) IMG_0040(2) IMG_0039(2) IMG_0038(2) IMG_0037(2) IMG_0036(2) IMG_0035(2) IMG_0034(2) IMG_0033(2) IMG_0032(2) IMG_0031(2) IMG_0030(2) IMG_0029(2) IMG_0028(2) IMG_0027(2) IMG_0026(2) IMG_0025(2) IMG_0024(2) IMG_0023(2) IMG_0022(2) IMG_0021(2) IMG_0020(2) IMG_0019(2) IMG_0018(2) IMG_0017(2) IMG_0016(2) IMG_0015(2) IMG_0014(2) IMG_0013(2) IMG_0012(2) IMG_0011(2) IMG_0010(2) IMG_0009(2) IMG_0008(2) IMG_0007(2) IMG_0006(2) IMG_0005(2) IMG_0004(2) IMG_0003(2) IMG_0002(2) IMG_0001(2)