Selmer SBA Super Balanced Action Alto Saxophone

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For sale is a Selmer Super Balanced Action alto saxophone with its matching serial fantastic neck!

This horn is a prime era 1948 36xxx with matching serial number neck!

This horn is an absolutely beautiful horn with ornate engraving all over the bell.

While this saxophone is absolutely gorgeous I believe this is a relaq relacquer refinished horn!

Once again this horn is a relacquer!

I took the pictures of this saxophone with my very strong lights that have quiet a bit of reflection.  In real life the engraving looks very very nice and the color looks fantastic.

This saxophone is being sold as not working for parts and im recommending a full overhaul and pad job to be a properly functioning saxophone.

This saxophone has its fair share of heavy scratching, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, metal wear, weld marks, repair marks, heavy patina and other anomalies associated with a 72 year old saxophone!  This saxophone is a relaq re lacquered horn.  The bell lip has some bend down that will need to be straightened out during the overhaul!

Once again this saxophone is a relaq, re lacquered horn after the factory!

This saxophones case is broken! The zipper is broken and will need to be fixed to be useable.  

Since this horn is 72 years old, back then it was extremely common to relaq your horn.  95% of all SBAs I see for sale a relaqs.  Its very hard to find original lacquer example.

If you have been looking to invest into a 5 digit Selmer please do note hesitate to buy and pay over I will ship ASAP upon payment. IMG_2434(2) IMG_2428(2) IMG_2424(2) IMG_2423(2) IMG_2419(2) IMG_2411(1) IMG_2408(1) IMG_2371(2) IMG_2369(2) IMG_2361(2) IMG_2360(2) IMG_2306(2) IMG_2298(2) IMG_2296(2) IMG_2295(2) IMG_2294(2) IMG_2293(2) IMG_2249(2) IMG_2248(1) IMG_2247(1) IMG_2246(2) IMG_2245(2) IMG_2242(2) IMG_2234(2) IMG_2223(2) IMG_2222(2) IMG_2218(2) IMG_2210(2) IMG_2200(1) IMG_2193(1) IMG_2192(1) IMG_2191(1) IMG_2190(1) IMG_2187(1) IMG_2184(1) IMG_2183(1) IMG_2180(1) IMG_2172(1) IMG_2171(2) IMG_2466(1) IMG_2465(1) IMG_2464(1) IMG_2463(1) IMG_2462(1) IMG_2461(1) IMG_2460(1) IMG_2459(1) IMG_2458(1) IMG_2457(1) IMG_2456(1) IMG_2455(1) IMG_2454(1) IMG_2453(1) IMG_2452(2) IMG_2451(2) IMG_2450(2) IMG_2449(2) IMG_2448(2) IMG_2447(2) IMG_2446(1) IMG_2445(2) IMG_2444(2) IMG_2443(2) IMG_2442(2) IMG_2441(2) IMG_2440(2) IMG_2439(2) IMG_2438(2) IMG_2437(2) IMG_2436(2) IMG_2435(2) IMG_2434(2) IMG_2433(2) IMG_2432(2) IMG_2431(2) IMG_2430(2) IMG_2429(2) IMG_2428(2) IMG_2427(2) IMG_2426(2) IMG_2425(2) IMG_2424(2) IMG_2423(2) IMG_2422(2) IMG_2421(2) IMG_2420(2) IMG_2419(2) IMG_2418(2) IMG_2417(2) IMG_2416(2) IMG_2415(2) IMG_2414(2) IMG_2413(2) IMG_2412(2) IMG_2411(1) IMG_2410(1) IMG_2409(1) IMG_2408(1) IMG_2407(1) IMG_2406(1) IMG_2405(1) IMG_2404(1) IMG_2403(1) IMG_2402(1) IMG_2401(1) IMG_2400(1) IMG_2399(1) IMG_2398(1) IMG_2397(1) IMG_2396(1) IMG_2395(1) IMG_2394(1) IMG_2393(1) IMG_2392(1) IMG_2391(1) IMG_2390 IMG_2389(1) IMG_2388(1) IMG_2387(1) IMG_2386(2) IMG_2385(2) IMG_2384(2) IMG_2383(2) IMG_2382(2) IMG_2381(2) IMG_2380(2) IMG_2379(2) IMG_2378(2) IMG_2377(2) IMG_2376(2) IMG_2375(2) IMG_2374(2) IMG_2373(2) IMG_2372(2) IMG_2371(2) IMG_2370(2) IMG_2369(2) IMG_2368(2) IMG_2367(2) IMG_2366(2) IMG_2365(2) IMG_2364(2) IMG_2363(2) IMG_2362(2) IMG_2361(2) IMG_2360(2) IMG_2359(2) IMG_2358(2) IMG_2357(2) IMG_2356(2) IMG_2355(2) IMG_2354(2) IMG_2353(2) IMG_2352(2) IMG_2351(2) IMG_2350(2) IMG_2349(2) IMG_2348(2) IMG_2347(2) IMG_2346(2) IMG_2345(2) IMG_2344(2) IMG_2343(2) IMG_2342(2) IMG_2341(2) IMG_2340(2) IMG_2339(2) IMG_2338(2) IMG_2337(2) IMG_2336(2) IMG_2335(2) IMG_2334(2) IMG_2333(2) IMG_2332(2) IMG_2331(2) IMG_2330(2) IMG_2329(2) IMG_2328(2) IMG_2327(2) IMG_2326(2) IMG_2325(2) IMG_2324(2) IMG_2323(2) IMG_2322(2) IMG_2321(2) IMG_2320(2) IMG_2319(2) IMG_2318(2) IMG_2317(2) IMG_2316(2) IMG_2315(2) IMG_2314(2) IMG_2313(2) IMG_2312(2) IMG_2311(2) IMG_2310(2) IMG_2309(1) IMG_2308(2) IMG_2307(2) IMG_2306(2) IMG_2305(2) IMG_2304(2) IMG_2303(2) IMG_2302(2) IMG_2301(2) IMG_2300(2) IMG_2299(2) IMG_2298(2) IMG_2297(2) IMG_2296(2) IMG_2295(2) IMG_2294(2) IMG_2293(2) IMG_2292(2) IMG_2290(2) IMG_2289(2) IMG_2288(2) IMG_2287(1) IMG_2286(2) IMG_2285(2) IMG_2284(2) IMG_2283(2) IMG_2282(2) IMG_2281(2) IMG_2280(2) IMG_2279(2) IMG_2278(2) IMG_2277(2) IMG_2276(2) IMG_2275(2) IMG_2274(2) IMG_2273(2) IMG_2272(2) IMG_2271(2) IMG_2270(2) IMG_2269(2) IMG_2268(2) IMG_2267(2) IMG_2266(2) IMG_2265(2) IMG_2264(2) IMG_2263(2) IMG_2262(2) IMG_2261(2) IMG_2260(2) IMG_2259(2) IMG_2258(2) IMG_2257(2) IMG_2256(2) IMG_2255(2) IMG_2254(2) IMG_2253(2) IMG_2252(2) IMG_2251(2) IMG_2250(2) IMG_2249(2) IMG_2248(1) IMG_2247(1) IMG_2246(2) IMG_2245(2) IMG_2244(2) IMG_2243(2) IMG_2242(2) IMG_2241(2) IMG_2240(2) IMG_2239(2) IMG_2238(2) IMG_2237(2) IMG_2236(2) IMG_2235(2) IMG_2234(2) IMG_2233(2) IMG_2232(2) IMG_2231(2) IMG_2230(2) IMG_2229(2) IMG_2228(2) IMG_2227(2) IMG_2226(2) IMG_2225(2) IMG_2224(2) IMG_2223(2) IMG_2222(2) IMG_2221(2) IMG_2220(2) IMG_2219(2) IMG_2218(2) IMG_2217(2) IMG_2216(2) IMG_2215(2) IMG_2214(2) IMG_2213(2) IMG_2212(2) IMG_2211(2) IMG_2210(2) IMG_2209(2) IMG_2208(2) IMG_2207(2) IMG_2206(2) IMG_2205(1) IMG_2204(1) IMG_2203(1) IMG_2202(1) IMG_2201(1) IMG_2200(1) IMG_2199(1) IMG_2198(1) IMG_2197(1) IMG_2196(1) IMG_2195(1) IMG_2194(1) IMG_2193(1) IMG_2192(1) IMG_2191(1) IMG_2190(1) IMG_2189(1) IMG_2188(1) IMG_2187(1) IMG_2186(1) IMG_2185(1) IMG_2184(1) IMG_2183(1) IMG_2182(1) IMG_2181(1) IMG_2180(1) IMG_2179(1) IMG_2178(1) IMG_2177(1) IMG_2176(1) IMG_2175(1) IMG_2174(1) IMG_2173(1) IMG_2172(1) IMG_2171(2)