Selmer SBA Super Balanced Action 53xxx Alto Saxophone

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For sale is a Selmer SBA Super Balanced Action alto saxophone with glorious original lacquer.

This horn is a prime example of an extremely late SBA serial #53xxx with its matching serial number neck.

This saxophone is fully overhauled as feels fantastic under the fingers!

This horn is being sold as used and has scratches, knicks, dings, fleabites, metal wear, patina and other anomalies associated with a used horn.

This saxophone ships with a non original case!

If you have been looking for an incredible condition SBA please do not hesitate to buy and pay over we will ship ASAP upon payment!

IMG_0855(3) IMG_0854(3) IMG_0853(3) IMG_0849(3) IMG_0848(3) IMG_0844(3) IMG_0843(3) IMG_0833(3) IMG_0832(3) IMG_0829(3) IMG_0824(3) IMG_0823(3) IMG_0820(3) IMG_0819(3) IMG_0815(3) IMG_0814(3) IMG_0813(3) IMG_0808(3) IMG_0806(3) IMG_0804(3) IMG_0803(3) IMG_0800(3) IMG_0773(3) IMG_0769(3) IMG_0768(3) IMG_0762(3) IMG_0716(2) IMG_0714(2) IMG_0713(2) IMG_0712(2) IMG_0711(2) IMG_0675(2) IMG_0674(2) IMG_0670(2) IMG_0668(2) IMG_0667(2) IMG_0666(2) IMG_0665(2) IMG_0664(2) IMG_0661(2) IMG_0652(2) IMG_0647(2) IMG_0644(2) IMG_0634(2) IMG_0630(2) IMG_0628(2) IMG_0626(2) IMG_0624(2) IMG_0623(2) IMG_0618(2) IMG_0615(2) IMG_0613(1) IMG_0611(2) IMG_0607(2) IMG_0606(2) IMG_0601(2) IMG_0597(2) IMG_0596(2) IMG_0593(2) IMG_0592(2) IMG_0591(2) IMG_0586(2) IMG_0584(2) IMG_0583(2) IMG_0582(2) IMG_0580(1) IMG_0915(2) IMG_0914(2) IMG_0913(2) IMG_0912(2) IMG_0911(2) IMG_0910(3) IMG_0909(3) IMG_0908(3) IMG_0907(3) IMG_0906(3) IMG_0905(3) IMG_0904(3) IMG_0903(3) IMG_0902(3) IMG_0901(3) IMG_0900(3) IMG_0899(2) IMG_0898(3) IMG_0897(3) IMG_0896(3) IMG_0895(3) IMG_0894(3) IMG_0893(3) IMG_0892(3) IMG_0891(3) IMG_0890(3) IMG_0889(2) IMG_0888(3) IMG_0887(3) IMG_0886(3) IMG_0885(3) IMG_0884(3) IMG_0883(3) IMG_0882(3) IMG_0881(3) IMG_0880(3) IMG_0879(3) IMG_0878(3) IMG_0877(3) IMG_0876(3) IMG_0875(3) IMG_0874(3) IMG_0873(3) IMG_0872(2) IMG_0871(3) IMG_0870(3) IMG_0868(3) IMG_0867(3) IMG_0866(2) IMG_0865(3) IMG_0864(3) IMG_0860(1) IMG_0859(3) IMG_0858(3) IMG_0857(3) IMG_0856(3) IMG_0855(3) IMG_0854(3) IMG_0853(3) IMG_0852(3) IMG_0851(1) IMG_0850(3) IMG_0849(3) IMG_0848(3) IMG_0847(3) IMG_0846(3) IMG_0845(3) IMG_0844(3) IMG_0843(3) IMG_0842(3) IMG_0841(3) IMG_0840(3) IMG_0839(3) IMG_0838(3) IMG_0837(3) IMG_0836(3) IMG_0835(3) IMG_0834(3) IMG_0833(3) IMG_0832(3) IMG_0831(3) IMG_0830(3) IMG_0829(3) IMG_0828(1) IMG_0827(3) IMG_0826(3) IMG_0825(3) IMG_0824(3) IMG_0823(3) IMG_0822(3) IMG_0821(3) IMG_0820(3) IMG_0819(3) IMG_0818(3) IMG_0817(3) IMG_0816(3) IMG_0815(3) IMG_0814(3) IMG_0813(3) IMG_0812(3) IMG_0811(3) IMG_0810(3) IMG_0809(3) IMG_0808(3) IMG_0807(3) IMG_0806(3) IMG_0805(3) IMG_0804(3) IMG_0803(3) IMG_0802(3) IMG_0801(3) IMG_0800(3) IMG_0799(3) IMG_0798(3) IMG_0797(3) IMG_0796(3) IMG_0795(3) IMG_0794(3) IMG_0793(3) IMG_0792(3) IMG_0791(3) IMG_0790(3) IMG_0789(3) IMG_0788(3) IMG_0787(3) IMG_0786(3) IMG_0785(3) IMG_0784(3) IMG_0783(3) IMG_0782(3) IMG_0781(3) IMG_0780(3) IMG_0779(3) IMG_0778(3) IMG_0777(3) IMG_0776(3) IMG_0774(3) IMG_0773(3) IMG_0772(3) IMG_0771(3) IMG_0770(3) IMG_0769(3) IMG_0768(3) IMG_0767(3) IMG_0766(3) IMG_0765(3) IMG_0764(3) IMG_0763(3) IMG_0762(3) IMG_0761(3) IMG_0760(3) IMG_0759(3) IMG_0758(3) IMG_0757(1) IMG_0756(3) IMG_0755(3) IMG_0754(3) IMG_0753(3) IMG_0752(3) IMG_0751(3) IMG_0750(3) IMG_0749(3) IMG_0748(3) IMG_0747(3) IMG_0746(3) IMG_0745(3) IMG_0744(3) IMG_0743(1) IMG_0742(3) IMG_0741(3) IMG_0740(3) IMG_0739(3) IMG_0738(3) IMG_0737(3) IMG_0736(3) IMG_0735(3) IMG_0734(3) IMG_0733(3) IMG_0731(3) IMG_0730(3) IMG_0729(1) IMG_0728(3) IMG_0727(3) IMG_0726(3) IMG_0725(3) IMG_0724(3) IMG_0723(3) IMG_0722(3) IMG_0721(3) IMG_0720(3) IMG_0719(3) IMG_0718(1) IMG_0717(2) IMG_0716(2) IMG_0715(2) IMG_0714(2) IMG_0713(2) IMG_0712(2) IMG_0711(2) IMG_0710(2) IMG_0709(2) IMG_0708(2) IMG_0707(2) IMG_0706(2) IMG_0705(2) IMG_0704(2) IMG_0703(2) IMG_0702(2) IMG_0701(2) IMG_0700(2) IMG_0698(2) IMG_0697(2) IMG_0696(2) IMG_0695(2) IMG_0694(2) IMG_0693(2) IMG_0692(2) IMG_0691(2) IMG_0690(2) IMG_0689(2) IMG_0688(2) IMG_0687(2) IMG_0686(2) IMG_0685(2) IMG_0684(2) IMG_0683(2) IMG_0682(2) IMG_0681(2) IMG_0680(2) IMG_0679(2) IMG_0678(2) IMG_0677(2) IMG_0676(2) IMG_0675(2) IMG_0674(2) IMG_0673(2) IMG_0672(2) IMG_0671(2) IMG_0670(2) IMG_0669(2) IMG_0668(2) IMG_0667(2) IMG_0666(2) IMG_0665(2) IMG_0664(2) IMG_0663(2) IMG_0661(2) IMG_0660(2) IMG_0659(2) IMG_0658(2) IMG_0657(2) IMG_0656(2) IMG_0655(2) IMG_0654(2) IMG_0653(1) IMG_0652(2) IMG_0651(2) IMG_0650(2) IMG_0649(2) IMG_0648(2) IMG_0647(2) IMG_0646(1) IMG_0645(2) IMG_0644(2) IMG_0643(2) IMG_0642(2) IMG_0641(2) IMG_0637(2) IMG_0636(2) IMG_0635(2) IMG_0634(2) IMG_0633(2) IMG_0632(2) IMG_0631(2) IMG_0630(2) IMG_0629(2) IMG_0628(2) IMG_0627(2) IMG_0626(2) IMG_0625(2) IMG_0624(2) IMG_0623(2) IMG_0622(2) IMG_0621(2) IMG_0620(2) IMG_0619(2) IMG_0618(2) IMG_0617(2) IMG_0616(2) IMG_0615(2) IMG_0614(2) IMG_0613(1) IMG_0612(2) IMG_0611(2) IMG_0610(2) IMG_0609(2) IMG_0608(2) IMG_0607(2) IMG_0606(2) IMG_0605(2) IMG_0604(2) IMG_0603(2) IMG_0602(2) IMG_0601(2) IMG_0600(2) IMG_0599(2) IMG_0598(2) IMG_0597(2) IMG_0596(2) IMG_0595(2) IMG_0594(2) IMG_0593(2) IMG_0592(2) IMG_0591(2) IMG_0590(2) IMG_0589(2) IMG_0588(2) IMG_0587(2) IMG_0586(2) IMG_0585(2) IMG_0584(2) IMG_0583(2) IMG_0582(2) IMG_0581(2) IMG_0580(1)