Selmer SBA Super Balanced Action 1948 Alto Saxophone

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For sale is a fantastic playing Selmer Super Balanced Action alto saxophone with its matching serial fantastic neck!

This horn is a 1948 36xxx with matching serial number neck!

I originally bought this horn just to use the neck for this beautiful 43xxx SBA body I currently have listed or sale that came with no neck.

Upon receiving this horn I played it for 1 full hour and was so enamored with how fantastic the horn played I decided to just list it as is a complete package matching serial number body and neck!

The horn really plays great.  Whoever ends up with this horn is really going to love it!

 I took the pictures of this saxophone with my very strong lights and got quiet a bit of reflection.  In real life the engraving looks nice and the color isn't quiet as yellow!

 This saxophone is being sold used and has its fair share of heavy scratching, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, metal wear, weld marks, repair marks, heavy patina and other anomalies associated with a 72 year old saxophone!  This saxophone is a relaq re lacquered horn.  The small piece of metal called the 'clothing guard' is from a Mark VI, rather the original SBA.

Once again this saxophone is a relaq, re lacquered horn after the factory! 

Since this horn is 72 years old, back then it was extremely common to be done.  95% of all SBAs I see for sale a relaqs.  Its very hard to find original lacquer example.

While this horn is a re lacquer, the fantastic neck appears to be original lacquer!

This horn was bought from a music store with a repair shop on site.  While the pads are mid to older life, this horn has a very recent full setup.

The pads are mid to older age, however the horn was setup and has no clicks, clanks, metal on metal, loss of motion.

The horn is playing top to bottom and all of the action is opening and closing just as should be .  This is a fantastic playing SBA.  There's no way the new owner is not going to love how this horn plays! 

I find the tone to be extremely flexible.  I'm able to bend notes and easily apply inflections that allow me to be extremely maneuverable and flexible on this horn.

To me Mark VIs are more pure brute force and power.  While SBAs are very loud and and powerful they really have this whispy flexibility that players love!

 Pricing wise if your looking to get into a golden era Selmer 5 digit theres not going to be a more affordable better playing way into the game.  Mark VI relaq's that aren't even in playing condition are selling for $5500 and above, let alone the original laq prices.  SBA original laq prices are also through the roof.  This is priced right at a walk up and buy it right now price.  Its alot of horn for the price!

If you have been looking to invest into a 5 digit Selmer please do note hesitate to buy and pay over I will ship ASAP upon payment.


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