Selmer Paris Supreme 92LTD22 Model 2022 Limited Edition Alto Saxophone IN STOCK!

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Selmer Paris Supreme 92LTD22 Model 2022 Limited Edition Alto Saxophone

For sale is a brand new Selmer Supreme Modele 2022 limited edition alto saxophone!

This saxophone is on hand and ready to ship today!

In 2022 Selmer Paris announced they would release a brand new limited edition Supreme variant in order to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the original Model 2022.  

This brand new limited variant is called the Selmer Supreme Modele 2022 or the model 92LTD22.

This saxophone is made in extremely small numbers with only 641 total ever produced.

Out of those 641 total, only 75x total are slated and will be coming into the USA.

We are extremely lucky to be able to lock down our allocation out of those 75x total!

You are buying the actual saxophone photographed!

Its not very often Selmer Paris releases any kind of new saxophone, changes anything, drops a new variant or movement in anyway so its exciting to not only have the brand new Supreme model, but to now hear about this highly unique limited edition variant.

There is no doubt this horn has highly interesting finish with a unique proprietary set of features all in a well thought out package meant to celebrate the rich history of Selmer Paris' last 100 years while flaunting and flirting with the ideals of what future features or possibilities may come on horns in the next 100 years to come!

With only 75x of these total coming into the USA these horns will only be only available for so long. 

Horns like these are typically bought into collectors collections or a special purchases for a player, perhaps a gift type of situation where sentimental value is formed.  I cant imagine to many of these horns will ever hit the used market once the initial wave dies down.

We have 1x total of these that are ready to buy and ship.

If you have been looking for a Selmer Supreme please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment!


Successors of Adolphe Sax, the Henri SELMER Paris workshops have accumulated 100 years of know-how and excellence in saxophone manufacturing that is 100% "made in France.”

Since the famous Series 22 model, launched in 1922, more than 800,000 saxophones have been made in our workshops in Mantes-la-Ville, giving birth to mythical models that have shaped the sound of the saxophone.

The prevailing spirit of innovation and the close relationship with saxophonists from all over the world is illustrated daily in the design of the instruments, made with and for musicians.
Today, Henri SELMER Paris offers musicians the entire saxophone family, from sopranino to bass, in a wide range of finishes.

1922-2022: 100 years of the SELMER saxophone
SELMER entered the history of the saxophone by presenting its first model in 1922, the Series 22, which will be renamed the Modèle 22.

A desire to pay tribute and celebrate...

* the generations of craftspeople who have perpetuated this precious know-how in our workshops in Mantes-la-Ville; 

* the various models of saxophones that were born there, some of which have become iconic; 

* the creative and festive spirit of Paris of the 1920s; 

* Jazz that has profoundly marked the music, and the 
saxophone which is its most emblematic voice; 

* musicians from all over the world and from all musical 

The Supreme alto carries the qualities of all the models that preceded it.  To mark this historical link, the name Modèle 2022 echoes the Modèle 22 released in 1922.

It will be produced in a limited edition of 641 pieces, which corresponds precisely to the number of parts assembled during the design of the Supreme Modèle 2022 alto saxophone.

It is the result of a perfect balance between:

• a roundness combined with an immense richness of timbre • an ideally distributed accuracy
• an ease and a flexibility of play that is unheard of
• a great power of projection


The design of the Modèle 2022 draws its graphic inspiration from the Art Deco era, that saw the birth of the first SELMER saxophone, the Modèle 22.

• A unique matte dark gold finish, enhanced by the deep black color • A specific design
• A unique marking of each instrument (limited edition)
• An engraving tribute to 100 years of history and creation

The body and the keywork are lacquered in matte dark gold creating a unique light and reflections.

Matte black chromed, the guards and the neck key are highlighted by the contrast with the gold lacquer.

The mother-of-pearls are black, echoing the black of the grenadilla wood medallion and the chromed guards.

The pads are made of black leather and the wave-shaped resonators are brushed lacquered.

The gold-plated design of the body-to-bell is reminiscent of the microphones of the 1920s. This iconic object of the period, which saw the advent of the Radio, helped Jazz and thus the saxophone become popular.

A medallion in grenadilla wood bearing the gold-plated “S” of SELMER is inserted in its center.

Each instrument has a limited edition number on the neck-to-body connection.

The nickel silver clamping ring is gold plated.

For maximum sustainability, both thumb rests are gold-plated.


The engraving of the Modèle 2022 illustrates and celebrates the joy of the Paris of the 1920s, the Roaring Twenties, a euphoric interlude between the two world wars, where the desire for artistic creation and celebration in all its forms is intense.

Montmartre, where Henri SELMER Paris was founded, was its most festive and bubbling epicenter, crossroads of all artistic currents. The city of Paris is illustrated by its monuments, its river and especially the Eiffel Tower, a marvelous symbol of avant-garde that became a symbol of an era, which owed its survival to its role in the radio.

The engraving of the Modèle 2022 pays tribute to past and contemporary musicians, for whom the pleasure of playing and creating is intact.
From that time on, the Radio was the main means of broadcasting music, especially Jazz, which helped the saxophone become so popular.

The Paris of the Roaring Twenties is the meeting point between Art Nouveau, whose sinuous lines are inspired by the plant world, to which the shape of the saxophone itself is related, and the elegance of the Art Déco movement, whose refined architecture is more geometric.

* A specific “Modèle 2022” case signed BAM 

* A Concept mouthpiece with matte black chromed cap and 

* A grenadilla plug with brass ring engraved “Modèle 2022” 

* A soft cloth specifically shaped to the case with the engraving pattern 

* A body swab with the engraving pattern 

* A neck swab with the engraving pattern 

* A cork grease stick with the engraving pattern 


A rare and precious instrument, available in Limited Edition

The SUPREME Modèle 2022 alto celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Modèle 22, the first saxophone to be manufactured by the Henri SELMER Paris workshops in 1922.
Produced in a limited series of 641 pieces -in reference to the number of parts needed to assemble it- this new version of the SUPREME alto benefits from the same acoustic, mechanical and ergonomic qualities, but is distinguished by a specific, innovative and creative design.
Its exclusive matte dark gold finish is highlighted by the contrast of a palette of blacks on the guards, the body-to-bell grenadilla wood medallion, the pads and the mother-of-pearls. The patterns of its engraving, resolutely Art Déco, evoke the Paris of the Roaring Twenties, a euphoric interlude between the two wars, where the intense desire for transgression and avant-garde was an ideal setting for the saxophone, which was then just waiting to flourish. The gold-plated thumb rests, neck receiver climping ring and body-to-bell reinforce the precious character of this limited series, each piece of which being numbered.


• Key: Eb
• Dark gold matte lacquer finish
• Matte black chromed octave key and guards
• Gold-plated thumb rest, thumb hook and neck receiver clamping ring • Gold-plated body-to-bell with a grenadilla wood medallion
• Specific engraving "Modèle 2022"
• Black mother-of-pearls
• Black leather pads without rivets
• Brushed lacquered wave-shaped resonators
• Limited edition number engraved on the neck-to-body connection
• 3-year extended warranty
• Concept mouthpiece
• Supreme “Modèle 2022” case
• Grenadilla plug with brass ring marked "Modèle 2022"
• “Modèle 2022” specific accessory line

From the moment you place your order the process starts ASAP and the gears begin turning so please buy and pay confidently!

Most orders are ready to dispatch and typically ship within 24 to 48 hours, and many times we can get them out DAY OF purchase. If you would like to feel confident when purchasing feel free to message over and we can tell you the exact time table for your horn as well share with you if the horn is shipping from Sax Stable headquarters, or direct from Conn Selmer’s horn vault.


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