Selmer Paris Supreme 92F Matte Antiqued Lacquer Alto Saxophone READY TO SHIP!

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Selmer Paris Supreme 92F Vintage Matte Antique Lacquered Alto Saxophone

For sale is a Selmer Paris 92F Supreme alto saxophone in the vintage matte "antique lacquered" finish!

This is the recently released top of the line Selmer Paris model!

This saxophone is being sold on open box, blow out discount.

The sax is open box however was only briefly displayed and is a totally fresh, clean, never played saxophone!

This saxophone comes with the full proper USA Conn Selmer warranty.

This sax comes with the full retail package of Selmer case, Selmer Concept mouthpiece, ligature, cap, Selmer case liner, etc and ships will all accompanying case candy!

The Selmer Supreme has been a wild success and have been very hard to keep in stock.  We are lucky to offer this amazing black & gold variant ready to ship.

These horns are beautiful in the hand with the bright radiating two tone finish.  The way the gold engraving contrasts poking through the finish is magnificent.

Please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment!

After 100 years of innovation, design, and manufacturing of the saxophone, Henri Selmer Paris redefines the modern identity of the alto saxophone with the Supreme series. The creation of the Supreme embodies the culmination of centuries of expertise, combined with a perfectly mastered manufacturing process that lives up to the ambitions of Henri Selmer Paris.


The Supreme rises above musical genres. It has all the qualities common to the models that precede it and meets the desires of all saxophonists. Its design and manufacturing incorporates the beauty and care created in the Balanced Action, the legendary suppleness of the Mark VI, the ease of play experienced in the Super Action 80 Serie II, the precision and elegance of the Serie III, and the power and roundness of the Reference.

It is characterized by a perfectly balanced accuracy, infinite sound colors, and incredible ease of response. It hides the natural and inherent constraints of the saxophone, therefore, making the playing limitations non-existent. Its roundness and projection capacity make it an instrument that is both traditional and resolutely modern.

The refinement and care taken to produce this instrument, as well as the corrected ergonomics, reveal a level of supreme playability and enjoyment never before captured in a saxophone.

Octave key system with Teflon inside the sockets which lighten the action
Adjustable clamping ring of the socket made of nickel silver
Hinged toggle on left-hand pinky finger keys for greater ease of movement from one key to another
Direct arm between the right-hand F# and F keys allows for a finer and more reliable adjustment
Redesigned shapes and placements of the side keys, facilitating fluid passage from one to the other


Key: Eb
Range: low Bb to High F#
Correction mechanism for the middle and high C#
Leather pads with rivetless metal resonators
Metal thumb rests
3-point concentric clamping socket
Adjustable nickel silver clamping ring
Left-hand pinky finger keys with hinged toggle
Right-hand F#/F direct adjustment arm
Exclusive Supreme engraving
Vintage Matte "Antiqued Lacquer" finish
Concept alto mouthpiece
Exclusively designed alto Supreme case

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