Selmer Paris Signature 82SIG Gold Lacquer Alto Saxophone BRAND NEW IN STOCK!

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Selmer Paris Signature 82SIG Gold Lacquer Alto Saxophone

For sale is a brand new gold lacquered finished Selmer Paris Signature 82SIG alto saxophone.

You are buying a brand new, unplayed saxophone sold with all accompanying case candy and full manufactures warranty!

This sax includes the full & proper US Selmer warranty!

The Selmer Signature has just been released and has been extremely hard to keep in stock.  We are lucky to offer this horn ready to ship today!

These horns are beautiful in the hand with the bright radiating finish and gorgeous engraving!

Please buy and pay confidently we will ship ASAP upon payment!

After 100 years of innovation, design, and manufacturing of the saxophone, Henri Selmer Paris redefines the modern identity of the alto saxophone with the Signature series. The creation of the Signature embodies the culmination of centuries of expertise, combined with a perfectly mastered manufacturing process that lives up to the ambitions of Henri Selmer Paris.

The Signature alto embodies the evolution of the Super Action 80 Series II model, which has made a significant impact on the history of the saxophone since its release in 1986. While retaining the sound characteristics of the Series II, the Selmer Signature offers improved accuracy, especially in the high register, and enhances the emission of the low register. 

Its ergonomics, also inspired by the Series II to meet the needs of all musicians, benefit from the latest innovations developed for the Supreme: a new 3-point neck receiver system for better sound homogeneity, a nickel-silver tightening ring for greater density in this sensitive zone, an octave key with Teflon supports for more mechanical fluidity.

Adorned with an original Art Deco-style engraving paying homage to the age-old techniques passed down from generation to generation within the Selmer Paris factory since 1919, the Signature alto is both a traditional saxophone and a beacon of modernity.

If you’re an alto player dreaming of an instrument with the soul of a vintage Selmer and the precision of a modern horn, the Selmer Paris Signature Series professional alto saxophone is here to grant your wish. The Signature alto is based on the Super Action 80 Series II alto — a model cherished for its versatility and sweet, round sound — but offers improved intonation and response, thanks to state-of-the-art mechanical advancements ported from Selmer’s top-of-the-line Supreme models. Embodying the collective wisdom of over a century of world-class saxophone craftsmanship and innovation, the Henri Selmer Paris Signature alto sax delivers the power, playability, and expressive flexibility you would expect from an instrument bearing such a lofty pedigree. Sumptuous and aspirational yet attainable, the Selmer Paris Signature alto is a truly inspiring saxophone.

The alto saxophone — evolved

The Signature alto represents a natural evolution for Henri Selmer Paris. While this exquisite horn’s refined finish and stunning art deco ornamentation pay homage to the handcraftmanship passed down through generations of Selmer artisans in Mantes-la-Ville since 1919, its richly opulent sound combines the best-loved characteristics of the company’s coveted historical horns, including the flexibility of expression and sensation of lightness. Due to its acoustic qualities and playing comfort, the Series II alto has been a pro favorite since its introduction in 1986. The Signature alto is effectively a reinvention of this esteemed model that leverages advanced features developed for the Supreme range. For the Supreme models, Selmer Paris set out to re-engineer the physics, ergonomics, and aesthetics of the saxophone. Traditional yet cutting edge, the Signature alto is the beneficiary of these efforts, offering the serious saxophonist a more accessible French-made Selmer infused with the Supreme’s DNA.

Acoustical and mechanical perfection

The acoustical traits of the Signature alto are characterized by its vast expressive flexibility. Regardless of register, the Signature lets you transition effortlessly from subtones to various timbres. Its carefully calibrated neck opening diameter delivers increased power and projection. Equipped with the 3-point concentric clamping socket and adjustable nickel-silver tightening ring developed for the Supreme model, the Signature alto ensures perfect uniformity of sound across its range, from low Bb to high F#. Soloists will find the Selmer Paris Signature alto an ideal delivery vehicle for any genre of music. Whether you’re finessing a concerto, romancing a ballad, or chasin’ the Trane, the Signature alto faithfully conveys every nuance of expression in your performance. Its flawless keywork faithfully executes your every musical whim. Meanwhile, its treated leather pads, fitted with riveted metal resonators, add the perfect amount of crispness to your every note for a big, commanding sound that’s warm, vibrant, and burnished to perfection.

High tech meets traditional handcraftmanship

Saxophones are marvels of complexity, and a successful design resides comfortably at the nexus of the acoustic, the mechanical, and the aesthetic — the end result of thousands of decisions. Surely, a considerable amount of information to distill into a design brief for a new horn; however, Selmer Paris, drawing on more than a century of expertise, met the challenge by integrating the advantages of advanced technology with traditional handcraftmanship. With the development of the Signature alto, high-tech R&D — including in-house 3D modeling — enabled Selmer to push the physical limitations of the relationship between tuning, timbre, and response, thus optimizing production for an extreme level of precision in executing critical details such as tone hole extrusion and neck diameter boring. During the manufacturing of the final design, automated control over machining tools was implemented, and 3D fabrication control was employed to eliminate inconsistencies from instrument to instrument. At the end of the process, Selmer’s comprehensive and meticulous factory setup ensures that the horn absolutely purrs straight out of the box.

A complete package with premium accessories

The Henri Selmer Paris Signature alto saxophone arrives to you with premium accessories that befit the horn’s extreme level of sophistication. The Selmer Paris Concept alto mouthpiece is crafted using cutting-edge fabrication technology. Its refined, innovative, high-precision acoustic design provides expressive dexterity, sonic richness, and homogeneity across all registers. A matching mouthpiece cap and ligature are also included. The sleek hardshell case, which features a rugged ABS outer shell, is fabricated specifically for the Signature alto by Selmer’s partner, BAM. Despite its compact dimensions, this high-end case boasts ample storage space and two detachable inside pockets. It also has durable handles and backpack-style straps to facilitate comfortable carrying. The included neck strap is made from cushy, leather-covered foam with a gilded metal slider featuring the Henri Selmer Paris logo. A dual-material cloth in the shape of the case is fashioned from soft silk on one side and microfiber on the other, covering your Signature alto inside its case and providing maximum protection. Graced with the Signature engraving motif, the microfiber body swab features a highly absorbent foam pad in the center for extra absorbency. The microfiber neck swab and even the included cork grease stick are emblazoned with the Signature engraving pattern! Finally, as you might expect, your Signature alto comes with a metal end plug to protect the neck receiver and octave mechanism.

The Selmer legacy of quality and innovation

As all modern saxophone designs are based on the Selmer platform, it’s instructive to take a look at the company’s history to understand its considerable influence on the instrument as we know it today. Conservatory-trained clarinetist Henri Selmer founded Henri Selmer Paris in 1885. Fashioning reeds and mouthpieces in his small workshop, he soon took on instrument repair and modifications, which eventually led to the design and manufacture of clarinets. In 1900, Selmer opened a retail shop in New York (the beginnings of Selmer USA). In 1942, Selmer introduced its first saxophone: the Model 22. In the ensuing decades, Selmer released industry-leading designs such as the Balanced Action, Super Action, Mark VI, and Reference 54, which have set the standard for what a modern saxophone should be. Listen to any iconic jazz recording by John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Paul Desmond, (late period) Cannonball Adderley, Wayne Shorter, Michael Brecker, Branford Marsalis, or Joshua Redman, and you will hear one of these legendary horns in action. Delivering exceptional value at every level, from student to professional, Selmer USA and Henri Selmer Paris offer a full line of woodwind and brass instruments. Sweetwater is proud to bring you Selmer’s rich legacy of quality and innovation.

Selmer Paris Signature Series Professional Alto Saxophone Features:

  • The versatility and sonic qualities of the Series II with improved intonation and response
  • Mechanical advances ported from the Supreme model
  • Sumptuous richness of timbre ideal for all musical genres
  • Great projection and flexibility of play
  • Refined vintage-modern aesthetic
  • Range: low Bb to high F#
  • Neck receiver with adjustable, concentric 3-point nickel-silver tightening ring
  • Elegant gold gilded metal thumb rests
  • Keys inlaid with exotic mother-of-pearl
  • Treated leather pads with riveted metal resonators
  • Exclusive Signature finishes and engraving
  • Included ensemble of model-specific accessories: Concept mouthpiece, Signature case, strap with metal slide toggle, metal end plug, dual-material cloth, body and neck swabs, cork grease
  • Handcrafted in France


  • Key: Eb
  • Level: Professional
  • Finish: Dark Lacquer
  • Auxillary Keys: Low Bb to High F#
  • Neck Type: Adjustable with Receiver Tightening Ring
  • Bell Decoration: Exclusive Signature Engraving
  • Key Buttons: Inlaid Mother-of-pearl
  • Pads: Leather with Riveted Metal Resonators
  • Mouthpiece: Concept Mouthpiece (ligature/cover included)
  • Thumb Rest: Gold Gilded Metal Thumb Supoort
  • Case/Gig Bag: Exclusive Signature Case
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 82SIG

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