Selmer Paris Reference 36 w/EXTRA ENGRAVING SBA Inspired Tenor Saxophone

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Selmer Paris Model 84 Reference 36 Dark Lacquer Tenor Saxophone

For sale is a Selmer Reference 36 tenor saxophone.

This specfic horn features beautiful factory hand engravings including a full extra engraved patch!  More details later in the description.

This saxophone is the last of the Reference 36.  These horns were never produced in large numbers and sadly Selmer has fully stopped production.  We were lucky to get this one last unit that Selmer was holding onto.

This horn is a serial 818xxx and Supreme tenors were in production by 844xxx.  At the same time there were also Axos, Ref 54s, Series II, Series III, alto, tenor, soprano, bari etc all being produced so this horn is def at the very end of the Ref 36 run!

This saxophone is being sold as open box and has some light surface scratches and smudges as well some marks on the outside of the case.   Otherwise this horn is a minty sax that has just come to us directly from Selmer and comes with the full manufactures warranty.

This saxophone is the full retail kit including all the matching case candy!

Over the years there were a various changes to the Ref 36.  If you take a look at the used market the vast majority of Ref 36s that pop up are the extremely simple engraving pattern version.

This horn is the last variant which featured extravagant hand engraving.

Specifically this horn has a special extra patch of engraving not typically seen.

Please check out picture #20.  You are looking at a Reference 36 serial #815xxx that we sold.   The engraving above the Selmer logo to the left is a very simple pattern that's generally what they all look like.

Take a look at pictures #21 - #24.  The specific 818xxx horn for sale in that same area has a large patch of extra engraving that extends past the normal pattern sprawling around the other side of the bell all the way under the bell lip!

For whatever reason this sax has this very special piece!  Its a fairly large piece of extra engraving so its worth noting!

These horns are killer players and speak for them selves when played.  With the current Selmer Supreme tenors selling for some $3000+ on top of this price it really helps with the value proposition on this horn.

We have only this 1x Ref 36 for sale and will not be receiving anymore.  If you have been looking for a Selmer tenor please buy and pay confidently we will ship out ASAP upon payment!


Inspired by the 1936 Super Balanced Action, the Selmer Paris 84 Reference 36 tenor is a professional saxophone that integrates the Super Balanced Action's legendary acoustic characteristics with innovative modern key work and better intonation. A major favorite among jazz saxophonists, the Reference 36 tenor saxophone offers a full, rich sound.

The keywork of the Selmer 84 tenor saxophone is extremely fluid and reacts well to even the most wicked licks. Complete with shaped flight case, Selmer Paris mouthpiece, cap and ligature, and care products. Join the legions of jazz saxophonists that have rediscovered the sound of the legendary Super Balanced Action and have made the Selmer 84 Reference 36 tenor saxophone their horn of choice. It plays, feels, and looks like a vintage Selmer, including longer bell to improve intonation and a beautiful dark lacquer finish.

Tech Specs

  • Acoustics: Reference body style-full sound
  • Necks: Reference bore
  • Construction: ribs
  • Body material: Dark lacquer
  • Mechanism: compact key positioning - closer to the body and directly under the hand
  • Range: high F# key, Front F key: spatula
  • Left-hand thumb rest: plastic
  • Right-hand thumb rest: metal adjustable
  • Adjusting screws: high F, G# key, F#/G# lug, F#/G#, adjusting bar, low C#, low B, side C, side Bb
  • Pivot screws: tapered
  • Needle springs: blued steel
  • Pads: treated leather with metal resonators
  • Hand-engraved bell
  • Shaped flight case

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