Selmer NOS Mark VI Alto Saxophone Neck

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For sales is a NOS Mark VI alto saxophone neck!

This is a true NOS, new old stock closet queen beauty!

I bought this from a music store that opened in 1967 and was originally selling Selmer Mark VI brand new.  The music store is still operational today.

Upon doing a full clean out of the repair shop they stumbled onto this NOS Selmer Mark VI neck that they had ordered brand new for a customer, who didn't end up needing it.

This neck was uncovered from the dark depth of the back of a tech closet after being stored properly in a nice box for the last 35 45 years!

They literally ordered is neck brand new from Selmer.. Stored it away, and its been in a time capsule this entire time!

There is no serial number on the neck however we all know when the store opened in 1967 were those very elite 141xxx to 152xxx.

This neck is a gem with extremely little wear showing at all.  The reason this is NOS new old stock is because this piece was never actually sold to a customer and player for some time then put away...   The neck was literally never sold, so its just such pristine condition.

Take a look at the inside of the neck..   Typically when you look up in the neck receiver its al various colors of metal wear and patina and such..  After all, you spit into this thing on the regular for years.  Its very normal to have spit stains lined up inside.   On this neck this is not the case.

Inside the neck receiver its pristine condition.  You can tell there hasn't ever been any spit that's passed through it.  I would go as far to assume that someone play tested it at one point putting the slight mark on the cork we can see, but when I look at it the pictures tell the story that its never been used.

There appears to be some kind of numbers scratched into the inside of the neck.

Often times at the Selmer factory they would scratch the last couple of numbers of the serial range or the year they were in.  I cant really make out what is scratched in, but theres something there!

Throughout all my time playing, collecting and selling horns among the horn community its always been this huge obsession about Selmer necks..  When buying or selling a horn, is the neck pulled down? is the neck out of round? has the neck been through trauma?

Necks are one of the most crucial parts to amplifying and shaping the overall tonal characteristics of what the core of your tone is going to sound like.  If you have had a neck that has been pulled down or altered in theory it might not ever play as good at the proper factory angel.

For neck lovers, for those that are into it this is your chance to get a 100% never pulled down, necked damaged, never played Selmer neck!

Fresh from the factory exactly as intended this is neck is an iconic piece of Selmer history that I know a Selmer collector or player will love!

Please buy and pay confidentiality I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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