Selmer Mark VII Tenor Saxophone GREAT DEAL!

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For sale is a Selmer Mark VII tenor saxophone!

This horn is vintage Selmer serial #300,xxx

This saxophone comes with its Selmer case however is not in the best shape and the logo is missing.

This saxophone is being sold in the not working category.

All the key work is well oiled opening and closing as it should.  The saxophone can mostly play right now however the horn is sitting on its factory pads, and could benefit from a setup at the bare minimum.

It will be up to the new owner to choose between getting a setup on the factory pads, or investing into a full overhaul.

This saxophone is a very nice piece but still has its fair share of patina, various scratches, knicks, dings, fleabites, metal wear of red/green colors, and other anomalies associated with such an old antique instrument.

The neck on this saxophone is a touch out of round on the sides or pulled down.  While its possible to just leave as is, its an easy enough fix that its recommended to have your tech work on this during the setup, or overhaul process.

In the grand scheme of things when you consider the condition that most of these pop up and sell in, although not mint this saxophone is a rather nice situation.  There is fantastic lacquer luster and sheen left on the keys and body.

These days modern Selmer Paris horns have gotten extremely expensive.   Brand new professional Selmers are selling $9k $10k+ range.   Pre owned used Series IIs IIIs Ref 54s are selling for a pretty penny.   This has really strengthened the Mark VII buying proposition.

To be able to buy a vintage Selmer Paris tenor at this price is a beautiful thing.  At this price whether you want to overhaul or setup your investment will hold its value strong.

Please buy and pay confidently we will ship out ASAP upon purchase!