Selmer Mark VII Alto Saxophone MINTY ENGRAVED & READY TO PLAY!

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For sale is a Selmer Mark VII alto saxophone with its original case!

This is a fantastic condition original lacquer Selmer serial #271xxx.

This horn is just in awesome condition.  This horn has beautiful original lacquer and original Selmer engravings.  The engravings are on both sides of the bell and are deep and lush.  In the hands it pops just right!

This horn is the very desirable "M" stamped body tube.  There is an M in front of the serial number stamp.  These models used the Mark VI body tube in construction.  Later after this the Mark VIIs and a "N" stamped in front of the serial.

This horn has just had a complete breakdown, clean, oil and adjust, some fresh pads, and full setup.

The horn is playing top to bottom.  The action is closing quick and snappy clamping down nice and hard!

This horn is loud and proud and will make a fantastic horn for the new owner.

This horn is being sold as used and does have scratches, knicks, patina, metal wear, and other used marks associated with a vintage sax!

Please check out picture #12, there was a clear sorta soft rubber thumb rest extension added to the horn.  It can be taken off extremely easy.  I found it to be very comfortable so I figured i would leave it.

If you have been looking to get a vintage Selmer, this is a prime opportunity to get a beautifully engraved original laq vintage Selmer thats fully playing without breaking the bank.

Please buy and pay confidently we will ship out ASAP upon payment!

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