Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone Collectors Condition!

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For sale is a Selmer Mark VI tenor saxophone in glorious original lacquer!

The horn is a prime example vintage Selmer serial #214xxx with its matching tray pack case!

This horn is in awesome condition with beautiful original lacquer and engravings!  Theres even an extra blurb of engraving on the main flower blossom that you see time to time!

This horn is being sold as used and is playable but to be a prime playing horn its going to need a leak job and setup!  Tightening everything up in a setup is going to be a night and day difference.

This horn is in awesome collectors condition but of course this is an antique and does have various scratches, smudges, dings, dents, fleabites, metal wear, lacquer wear or other anomalies associated with such an old vintage horn.

This horn comes with a Selmer factory tray pack case ready to hold tenor sax, clarinet and flute.  These Selmer logo is still intact.  These cases in this condition sell for a very pretty penny by them selves!

If you have been looking for a Mark VI tenor to buy please buy and pay confidently, we will ship ASAP upon payment! 



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