Selmer Mark VI Sopranino NINO Sax - BRAND NEW PICTURES!! MINTY!

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For sale is a collectors dream Selmer Mark VI Sopranino saxophone in absolutely stunning museum condition!!!

This is an extremely rare beast of a horn with the perfect combination of things to make this bar none the best sopranino saxophone on the market right now!

When it comes to altos and tenors many people prefer to seek out the early 5 digit examples…  When it comes to sopranos, baritones and especially sopraninos many players and collectors prefer the later serial number Mark VIs as in many areas the production changes really helped to create far superior horns.

While clearly marked Mark VI this saxophone is almost a transitional sax in between Mark VI and Super Action Series II sopraninos.  This may be the last Mark VI ever made!  These very late VI ninos pull in a few features of the next model which really helps make them modern playing saxophone while keeping all the core Mark VI principles.

Most of the early Mark VI Sopraninos are only keyed up to Eb on the left palm key, this sax is keyed up to F just like modern day sopraninos.  This saxophone also has the very rare and desirable F# key for the right hand. The right hand side keys are keyed all the way to E!  Many VI ninos dont have this key either.  When playing sopranino wether your jazz or classical both the E, Eb and F# keys are extremely desirable and help with playability.

This saxophone is near as close to factory original as your ever going to find.  The lacquer is in amazing condition with very few flaws. The horn was stored in a perfect setting so the pads feel fresh and the lacquer is as close as you can find to buying this as a brand new Mark VI!  

This saxophone plays AMAZING!  Due to the originally and collectibility of the saxophone it was kept as close to original as possible.  I had it fully setup on its current pads with nothing changed what so ever.

The saxophone is currently opening and closing just as should be and is smooth oiled ready to rock.  The saxophone is completely leak free and the action is extremely snappy fresh.  This sax is gig ready worthy of any playing setting.

I have played many Sopraninos including modern Selmers, vintage Yani Mark VI style, cheap chinese ninos, vintage american horns etc and this is by far the most superior playing nino you will ever find.

Players love Selmer Mark VIs across the board for a number of reason.  This is no different on this nino, this saxophone is extremely powerful, the sax is a powerhouse capable of taking your full air and allowing you to blow through this creating all sorts of sonic tonal combinations.

Players love Mark VIs because it creates a firm surface to blow against, you can blow extremely soft and sensual with little effort or loud and powerful…   This saxophone is so so soft, lofty and really gentle.  Sopraninos across the board do not have these characteristics and really can be quite noise piercing and annoying to hear.

I find it easier to play this Sopranino than even a typical Soprano.  I find this saxophone very similar to playing alto sax, especially the upper range of alto.  

This saxophone comes with its factory case in extremely nice shape.  2x total original case KEYS will be included with the horn!!!!

As minty fresh lovely high end of a saxophone as this is its very important to understand this is still a USED piece and not a new old stock piece, which means there is random small surface scratching through out the horns, various scuffs, tiny little dings, flea bites, patina, lacquer wear, and other various surface and finish related anamolies associated with a used saxophone of this age!  Ive included detailed pictures outing the entire horn. This only real thing specifically to write about is a small section on the body tube, above the thumb rest has a small circle like area with some lacquer discoloration.  This is very small and barley noticeable but worth mentioning, this is pictured in the pictures!

The first picture is the nino pictured next to a Selmer SBA tenor for size comparison, SBA not included! 

Overall if you are in the market to fill the Sopranino void in your collection this is the one for you!  This is the last stop.  Buy this nino and never have to keep searching for a better horn or wondering whats out there.  These horns have become really difficult to find and many have ended up in collections never to see the light again!  This is a rare chance to buy a horn of this caliber and I couldn't recommend it enough.  This is a life time horn that you can feel really comfortable and confident about investing in.  This was a really exciting horn for me, I think whoever ends up with this horn will really love it!


355xxx Potentially one of the latest Mark VIs EVER!


High F# key

Left hand keyed to F!

Right side palm keyed to E!

Selmer Case 

2x Case KEYS

Fully setup and gig ready playing condition!