Selmer Mark VI Original Laq Alto Saxophone

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For sale is a fantastic Selmer Mark VI Alto saxophone!

This is a prime example Selmer serial #239xxx in glorious original lacquer!

This saxophone is being sold as is and is extremely used fair a fair amount of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, repair marks, metal wear, pad wear, and other anomalies associated with such an old antique. 

This saxophone comes with a non original case.  The case is not a Selmer case.

This saxophone has old pads, if not its original pads. 

The horn was given a new cork, and given a setup, however it was setup on old pads, so if you really want to max out the potential of this horn I would recommend at one point getting new pads!

This horn is very beautiful but also has many scratches and patina so please make sure to look at all the pictures and be happy with what your buying!

Overall this is a very nice Selmer thats going to make someone very very happy so if you are ready to invest into a new horn do not hesitate to buy and pay over, I will ship ASAP upon payment.

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