Selmer Mark VI Low A Baritone Saxophone w/CHOCOLATE ROO PAD OVERHAUL!

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For sale is a Selmer Mark VI low A baritone saxophone with a complete full chocolate roo pad mechanical overhaul! 

This is a fully functional, precision operating, marvel of a machine!  This horn has had a complete mechanical overhaul and pad job from to to bottom.  This horn has had the full treatment with a $1500+ overhaul.  The pads were done with the chocolate roo pads with huge metal resonators!  Roo pads will last for an insanely long time and this baritone will be paying will for many many years to come!

This horn is loud and proud with that ohhhh so perfect Mark VI bari tone!

Its extremely rare to ever find a Low A baritones!  Low A bari's are worth a serious premium and this horn is a serious gem!  There just werent all that many Mark VI baritones ever made, and most of them a low Bb, not low A.  If you want to play bari in any kind of modern setting facts your just going to need a Low A, not a low Bb!

Typically when your find Low A Mark VIs they were school horns and are in trashed condition.  This horn is not that and is in rather awesome shape and miraculously made it through with just normal wear and tear of a used horn.

If you take a look whats out there on the baritone market I think it becomes apparent how awesome of a choice this horn is.

At discounted big box retailer prices a Yamaha intermediate baritone is $6000, a YBS 62 is $8700 and a YBS 82z is who knows $20,000?

A Selmer Paris a Series II bari goes for $12,000 and a Series III goes for $15,000

Out of all these $5k to $20k modern Selmer or Yamaha baritones options NONE of them are collectible let alone have that vintage vibe, tone and feel that is so desirable.

While this horn is a fair amount of money Im pricing this horn at an extremely competitive price for a real deal professional baritone ready for its new owner to purchase right now as is.

This horn has a tremendous value to it.  This horn has just had the overhaul completed and virtually has no play time what so ever.

When getting an overhaul from a great tech on a Mark VI low A baritone there typically $1500 to $2500 and take however many months to get the tech to finish them and get it back in your hands.

Overhauling a baritone is very expensive because theres more material, way larger pads, way larger resonators, bigger corks, the horn is so big its more work to clean.  Overall a baritone sax is ALOT of work to overhaul.

This horn was overhauled with the highest end materials such as tech corks!

This horn is a perfect storm.  Its a prime condition Mark VI thats clean, fresh, awesome body with a full overhaul. 

Because its playing with such precision and so clean right now Its like a vintage beauty meets modern combo.   Its just such a nice overhaul with high end roo pads this horn is almost like buying a new horn and the horn should be ready to be played for 10 to 30 years to come!

This horn is being sold as used and it has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, fleabites, patina, metal wear and other anomalies associated with a used horn.

If you have been looking to invest in a lifetime worthy baritone this is horn is a prime candidate so please do not hesitate to buy and pay confident!  I will ship ASAP upon payment.

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