Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone LOW A MINTY CONDITION!

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For sale is a Selmer Mark VI alto saxophone low A model in absolutely stunning, pristine condition.

This horn is a serial #187xxxx and is a collectors dream example of a low A Mark VI.

It does not get much better then this, and its very plausible that this cream puff might just actually be the worlds best condition low A Mark VI remaining in the entire world!

Low A Mark VIs are some of the most rare Selmer Paris horns ever made.  These horns were made an extremely small runs or custom order through out the year and were never any kind of mass produced horn.

Similar to Selmer Paris curved sopranos, Sopranino's, Bass saxophone and other models this horn falls under that extremely rare, special hardly ever seen collectible oddities category.

Ive been looking for horns for more hours a day then id like to admit for a very long time and Ive only seen a few of these ever come to market.  Typically when these horns show they have a very strong patina and are in overly used condition as most other vintage horns are.  To find this saxophone at all, let alone to find this saxophone sitting in this condition is just spectacular.

This horn is literally way better condition then the Selmer Jubillee tenor I have for sale thats jut a couple of years old!

This saxophone comes with its rare original Selmer Mark VI low A alto case.  There is no Selmer logo on the case.  These cases were specially made to fit the low A extremely long bell.  A typical flight case wont fit these so these original cases are worth a pretty penny as they are usually pretty destroyed!

The horn comes with its original Selmer end plug!

Many people always talk about these horns with folklore and stories as many have not seen them or held them.  Ive got alot of hot takes from holding this horn but one of the most interesting things I wanted to mention.   They actually have a different circle O body to bell brace on this horn, then any other Mark VI ive seen.  Typically these O are the same size on alto and tenor, maybe bari is bigger?   This horn has a very cute, much much smaller, and much much thicker bell to body O brace!  Take a look for it, its quite interesting.  It feels very strong and stable.

This horn is heavy! As you can imagine this horn has a longer bell and is a bigger horn then a typical Mark VI alto...  But theres more to it then that.  Yes theres an extra key, an extra mech all of this adds weight to the horn, but I think theres more.  I have a Selmer here right now very similar serial number and they feel completely different.  The metal feels stronger, heavier, more reinforced.  The entire sax feels like a tank.  Perhaps this is mind over matter, but id like to believe these horns were made in such small numbers that they got some kind of preferential or special treatment at the time!  All of this is strictly speculation.

This horn is being sold as not working as its sitting on very old pads, most of which appear to be the original factory pads.  Although this is a rather nice sax, of course this horn has been used and has its fair share of surface scratching, a small knick or fleabite here, some patina.

Please take a look at picture #12.  This is the largest Patina on the entire saxophone.  I thought about cleaning this off, but I didnt want to alter its state and left it for the next owner to decide.

Once again picture #12 for the large patina mark!

This horn is sitting on mostly original factory pads.  The horn has been setup on these very old pads, so there are currently no clicks, clanks, metal on metal and everything is opening and closing just as it should be.  This being said this horn is never going to fully function to its top level unless you get a full overhaul pad job from a very skilled tech who understand how these horns work!

As much as id like, there arent really words to describe how awesome this sax is and how it feels in the hands.  This is a truly special piece and IMO a piece of Selmer history.  If you have been looking to complete your collection with a horn like this please do not hesitate to buy and pay over, I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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