Selmer Mark VI 95xxx 5 Digit Tenor Saxophone FULLY OVERHAULED!

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For sale is a real deal 5 digit Selmer Mark VI Tenor saxophone in glorious original lacquer!!!

This horn is a prime era Mark VI, serial #95,xxx with beautiful scrolling engraving on both sides of the bell!

I just want to come right out from the start and say this horn is an absolutely tremendous top tier loud and proud playing sax!

This saxophone had a complete overhaul and pad job in 2020 by a fantastic known sax tech.  I have the recite on hand for the work that shows a $1250 overhaul was performed on this saxophone less the 1 year ago.

These days it has become near impossible to locate these real deal original laq 5 digit Tenors.  There really weren't many of these horns ever made and most are swept away into players and collectors hands never to leave the family dynasty!

In the past 1 or 2 years it become nearly impossible to find these like it used to be.

More times then none when you find these 5 digits its so so common for there to be a horrific problem with the neck, or some kind of massive missive part or trauma..   Either a pickup is installed, or some kind of patch, horrible trauma, or any other number of weird things that happen to these horns.

This neck has no patches, pickups, or weird trauma and is just a proper legit 5 digit  just as should be!

The neck on this saxophone has no serial number, just as it should be.  This saxophone was 100% built, assembled, engraved and finished at the Selmer Paris factory.   The only saxophones that ever had serial numbers on the necks were the horns sent in pieces to the US and finished and built in the US.

This horn is pure joy to play.  This horn is loud proud and buzzy with this fully bodied velvet smoothness that does that 5 digit Selmer Mark VI thing just like it should!

The horn is fully sealing so easy down to low Bb with no clicks, clanks, metal on metal, loss of motion.

The altissimo on the horn and overall upper register is a breeze.  This horn does that Michael Brecker type power house tenor sound very very well.

Although this saxophone is extremely rare and valuable this saxophone is still an antique with its fair share of heavy patina, scratches, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, repair marks, heavy laq wear, metal wear of various colors, and other anomalies associated with such an old antique.  

Please refer to picture #11 you can see a small dent on the side of the bells body. 

Please refer to picture #12 you can see a small fleabite knick on the neck.  Im sure this can be perfected and taken out, but the neck and horn play so so good as is Im not sure it was worth touching.

This saxophone comes with a non original, non factory case.

If you take a look at what other 5 digit tenors are available on the market right now you will see for the price this is one of the best choices if not the absolute best choice on a 5 digit tenor!

There are literally only a couple of original laq 5 digit Selmers that aren't a relaq, pickup on the neck, or some other weird oddity.  This horn is playing fantastic as is the primest choice for a gig ready players horn.

If you have been looking to invest in a Selmer 5 digit please do not hesitate to buy and pay confidently I will ship ASAP upon payment! IMG_1931(2) IMG_1926(2) IMG_1924(1) IMG_1923(1) IMG_1919(1) IMG_1903(2) IMG_1902(1) IMG_1901(1) IMG_1899(1) IMG_1896(1) IMG_1884(1) IMG_1883(1) IMG_1881(1) IMG_1880(1) IMG_1878(1) IMG_1877 IMG_1860(2) IMG_1859(2) IMG_1857(2) IMG_1856(2) IMG_1827(2) IMG_1826(2) IMG_1825(2) IMG_1818(2) IMG_1817(2) IMG_1815(2) IMG_1813(2) IMG_1811(2) IMG_1809(2) IMG_1797(2) IMG_1796(2) IMG_1770(2) IMG_1769(2) IMG_1768(2) IMG_1764(2) IMG_1743(2) IMG_1735(2) IMG_1734(2) IMG_1715(2) IMG_1714(2) IMG_1713(2) IMG_1712(2) IMG_1707(2) IMG_1671(2) IMG_1661(2) IMG_1656(2) IMG_1655(2) IMG_1651(2) IMG_1650(2) IMG_1645(2) IMG_1638(2) IMG_1634(2) IMG_1630(2) IMG_1627(2) IMG_1616(2) IMG_1611(2) IMG_1607(1) IMG_1602(1) IMG_1601(1) IMG_1597(1)

IMG_1970(2) IMG_1969(2) IMG_1968(2) IMG_1967(2) IMG_1966(2) IMG_1965(2) IMG_1964(2) IMG_1963(2) IMG_1962(2) IMG_1961(2) IMG_1960(2) IMG_1959(2) IMG_1958(2) IMG_1957(2) IMG_1956(2) IMG_1955(2) IMG_1954(2) IMG_1953(2) IMG_1952(2) IMG_1951(2) IMG_1950(2) IMG_1949(2) IMG_1948(2) IMG_1946(2) IMG_1945(2) IMG_1944(2) IMG_1943(2) IMG_1942(2) IMG_1941(2) IMG_1940(2) IMG_1939(2) IMG_1938(2) IMG_1937(2) IMG_1936(2) IMG_1935(2) IMG_1934(2) IMG_1933(2) IMG_1932(2) IMG_1931(2) IMG_1930(2) IMG_1929(2) IMG_1928(2) IMG_1927(2) IMG_1926(2) IMG_1925(1) IMG_1924(1) IMG_1923(1) IMG_1922(1) IMG_1921(1) IMG_1920(1) IMG_1919(1) IMG_1918(1) IMG_1917(1) IMG_1916(2) IMG_1915(2) IMG_1914(2) IMG_1913(2) IMG_1912(2) IMG_1911(2) IMG_1910(2) IMG_1909(2) IMG_1908(2) IMG_1907(2) IMG_1906(2) IMG_1905(2) IMG_1904(2) IMG_1903(2) IMG_1902(1) IMG_1901(1) IMG_1900(1) IMG_1899(1) IMG_1898(1) IMG_1897(1) IMG_1896(1) IMG_1895(1) IMG_1894(1) IMG_1893(1) IMG_1892(1) IMG_1891(1) IMG_1890(1) IMG_1889(1) IMG_1888(1) IMG_1887(1) IMG_1886(1) IMG_1885(1) IMG_1884(1) IMG_1883(1) IMG_1882(1) IMG_1881(1) IMG_1880(1) IMG_1879(1) IMG_1878(1) IMG_1877 IMG_1876 IMG_1875 IMG_1874(1) IMG_1873(1) IMG_1872(1) IMG_1871(1) IMG_1870(1) IMG_1868(2) IMG_1867(2) IMG_1866(2) IMG_1865(2) IMG_1864(2) IMG_1863(2) IMG_1862(2) IMG_1861(2) IMG_1860(2) IMG_1859(2) IMG_1858(2) IMG_1857(2) IMG_1856(2) IMG_1855(2) IMG_1854(2) IMG_1853(2) IMG_1852(2) IMG_1851(2) IMG_1850(2) IMG_1849(2) IMG_1848(2) IMG_1847(2) IMG_1846(2) IMG_1845(2) IMG_1844(2) IMG_1843(2) IMG_1842(2) IMG_1841(2) IMG_1840(2) IMG_1839(2) IMG_1838(2) IMG_1837(2) IMG_1836(2) IMG_1835(2) IMG_1834(2) IMG_1833(2) IMG_1832(2) IMG_1831(2) IMG_1830(2) IMG_1829(2) IMG_1828(2) IMG_1827(2) IMG_1826(2) IMG_1825(2) IMG_1824(2) IMG_1823(2) IMG_1822(2) IMG_1821(2) IMG_1820(2) IMG_1819(2) IMG_1818(2) IMG_1817(2) IMG_1816(2) IMG_1815(2) IMG_1814(2) IMG_1813(2) IMG_1812(2) IMG_1811(2) IMG_1810(2) IMG_1809(2) IMG_1808(2) IMG_1807(2) IMG_1806(2) IMG_1805(2) IMG_1803(2) IMG_1802(2) IMG_1801(2) IMG_1800(2) IMG_1799(2) IMG_1798(2) IMG_1797(2) IMG_1796(2) IMG_1795(2) IMG_1794(2) IMG_1793(2) IMG_1792(2) IMG_1791(2) IMG_1790(2) IMG_1789(2) IMG_1788(2) IMG_1787(2) IMG_1786(2) IMG_1785(2) IMG_1784(2) IMG_1783(2) IMG_1782(2) IMG_1781(2) IMG_1780(2) IMG_1779(2) IMG_1778(2) IMG_1777(2) IMG_1775(2) IMG_1774(2) IMG_1773(2) IMG_1772(2) IMG_1771(2) IMG_1770(2) IMG_1769(2) IMG_1768(2) IMG_1767(2) IMG_1766(2) IMG_1765(2) IMG_1764(2) IMG_1763(2) IMG_1762(2) IMG_1761(2) IMG_1760(2) IMG_1759(2) IMG_1758(2) IMG_1757(2) IMG_1756(2) IMG_1755(2) IMG_1754(2) IMG_1753(2) IMG_1752(2) IMG_1751(2) IMG_1750(2) IMG_1749(2) IMG_1748(2) IMG_1747(2) IMG_1746(2) IMG_1745(2) IMG_1744(2) IMG_1743(2) IMG_1742(2) IMG_1741(2) IMG_1740(2) IMG_1739(2) IMG_1738(2) IMG_1737(2) IMG_1736(2) IMG_1735(2) IMG_1734(2) IMG_1733(2) IMG_1732(2) IMG_1731(2) IMG_1730(2) IMG_1729(1) IMG_1728(1) IMG_1727(1) IMG_1726(1) IMG_1725(2) IMG_1724(2) IMG_1723(2) IMG_1722(2) IMG_1721(2) IMG_1720(2) IMG_1719(2) IMG_1717(2) IMG_1716(2) IMG_1715(2) IMG_1714(2) IMG_1713(2) IMG_1712(2) IMG_1711(2) IMG_1710(2) IMG_1709(2) IMG_1708(2) IMG_1707(2) IMG_1706(2) IMG_1705(2) IMG_1704(2) IMG_1703(2) IMG_1702(2) IMG_1701(2) IMG_1700(2) IMG_1699(2) IMG_1698(2) IMG_1697(2) IMG_1696(2) IMG_1695(2) IMG_1694(2) IMG_1693(2) IMG_1692(2) IMG_1691(2) IMG_1690(2) IMG_1689(2) IMG_1688(2) IMG_1687(2) IMG_1686(2) IMG_1685(2) IMG_1684(2) IMG_1681(2) IMG_1680(2) IMG_1679(2) IMG_1678(2) IMG_1677(2) IMG_1676(2) IMG_1675(2) IMG_1674(2) IMG_1673(2) IMG_1672(2) IMG_1671(2) IMG_1670(2) IMG_1669(2) IMG_1668(2) IMG_1667(2) IMG_1666(2) IMG_1665(2) IMG_1664(2) IMG_1663(2) IMG_1662(2) IMG_1661(2) IMG_1660(2) IMG_1659(2) IMG_1658(2) IMG_1657(2) IMG_1656(2) IMG_1655(2) IMG_1654(2) IMG_1653(3) IMG_1652(3) IMG_1651(2) IMG_1650(2) IMG_1649(2) IMG_1647(2) IMG_1646(2) IMG_1645(2) IMG_1644(2) IMG_1642(2) IMG_1641(2) IMG_1640(2) IMG_1639(2) IMG_1638(2) IMG_1637(2) IMG_1636(2) IMG_1635(2) IMG_1634(2) IMG_1633(2) IMG_1632(2) IMG_1631(2) IMG_1630(2) IMG_1629(2) IMG_1628(2) IMG_1627(2) IMG_1626(2) IMG_1625(2) IMG_1624(2) IMG_1623(2) IMG_1622(2) IMG_1621(2) IMG_1620(2) IMG_1616(2) IMG_1615(2) IMG_1614(2) IMG_1613(2) IMG_1612(2) IMG_1611(2) IMG_1609(1) IMG_1608(1) IMG_1607(1) IMG_1606(1) IMG_1605(1) IMG_1604(1) IMG_1602(1) IMG_1601(1) IMG_1600(1) IMG_1599(1) IMG_1598(1) IMG_1597(1)