Selmer Mark VI 87xxx 5 digit Alto Saxophone ORIGINAL LAQ!

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For sale is Selmer Mark VI alto saxophone serial number #87xxxx in glorious original lacquer!

This is a prime example 5 digit Mark VI from the most desirable and collectible serial number range out there!

This horn is absolutely stunning with extensive hand engravings up and down both sides of the bell and bow!  The engravings are deep and accurate and look just like they should!

This horn is being sold as not working and will need a full overhaul and pad job to be a properly functioning saxophone.  This horn is sitting on very old pads that are some 60 years old, so this horns gonna need a pad job.

This horn has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, weld marks, repair marks and other used anomalies associated with a not working antique of this age!

Once again, please plan on getting a full overhaul and pad job on this saxophone.

This horn comes with a non factory Selmer, non original case.

Please look at the pictures closely, while this horn is so insanely beautiful its got a very strong patina to it.  Throughout the hole horn you can see this 'patina' or 'grim' or 'metal wear' 'laq wear'  Whatever  you want to call it, I want to make sure to convey that although the pictures came out pretty nice the horn does still have lots of patina.  I think once this horn gets overhauled and fully cleaned from the bone up its going to take layers and layers of dirt off leaving her ever more gorgeous then currently!

 This horn comes with most if not all of its original Selmer Paris metal slight domed resonator.  These resonator sets are worth alot of money and are very highly regarded and sought after.  If your horn has these, never let a tech put in new resonators!  The trick is to have the tech reuse the original 5 digit metal resonators with brand new pads.  Guys rip these resonators out and sell them as full sets for huge dollar so if you do plan to overhaul her its awesome they are on the horn.

The saxophones NECK has no serial numbers.  The only Selmer Mark VIs ever to have serial numbers on the neck were the horns sent to America.  This horn is a 100% Selmer Paris made and constructed gem!

This serial number range is renowned as the best playing Selmers across the entire range ever made.  Its not often these pop up.  Typically these horns are sold to collectors or players and never seen again.  This is a prime opportunity to get a fantastic body and overhaul it just right to spec the way you want it with your favorite tech.

If you love the horn please do not hesitate to buy and pay over I will ship ASAP upon payment.

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