Selmer Mark VI 85xxx Michael Brecker 5 Digit Tenor Saxophone HOLY GRAIL!

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For sale is an unbelievable Selmer Mark VI Michael Brecker era 5 digit tenor saxophone with glorious original factory lacquer and engravings!

This horn is a stunning example of a golden era Mark VI serial #85xxx with its matching #85xxx neck!

This saxophone is exactly 529 horns from Michael Breckers known and documented main 5 digit tenor saxophone.

This horn is an incredible find in just awesome condition.  Of course the horn has plenty of wear and tear however in the general picture of how these come this is a pure diamond find!

This horn has a jaw dropping neck!  The matching serial number neck is in amazing condition with very little use. 

This saxophone is being sold as not working and will need an extensive setup or pad job to be a fully functional sax.  The saxophone has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, metal wear of various colors, used marks and other anomalies associated with such a used antique.  Please note there are a couple of thumb size dents, the worst is right on the bow pictured.

This horn comes with its factoy Selmer case.  The Selmer logo is still there and the zippers are working however the case is still in rough shape.  As the case sits its still a valuable piece on its own!

There are very few Brecker range 5 digit horns in original laq condition like this in the world.  Fact is horns like this just do not come to market.  If you have been looking for an investment grade Brecker 5 digit please do not hesitate to buy and pay over, we will ship ASAP upon payment!

IMG_4488(3) IMG_4487(3) IMG_4483(2) IMG_4481(3) IMG_4479(3) IMG_4476(3) IMG_4468(3) IMG_4463(2) IMG_4462(2) IMG_4460(2) IMG_4455(3) IMG_4454(3) IMG_4445(3) IMG_4442(3) IMG_4439(3) IMG_4438(3) IMG_4437(3) IMG_4433(3) IMG_4432(4) IMG_4430(4) IMG_4429(4) IMG_4408(4) IMG_4407(3) IMG_4406(3) IMG_4405(3) IMG_4404(3) IMG_4403(3) IMG_4402(3) IMG_4400(1) IMG_4379(1) IMG_4378(1) IMG_4377(1) IMG_4373(1) IMG_4369(1) IMG_4365(1) IMG_4360(1) IMG_4358(1) IMG_4343(1) IMG_4339(1) IMG_4338(2) IMG_4333(2) IMG_4330(2) IMG_4329(2) IMG_4328(2) IMG_4323(2) IMG_4291(2) IMG_4290(2) IMG_4289(2) IMG_4288(2) IMG_4278(2) IMG_4275(2) IMG_4273(2) IMG_4246(2) IMG_4242(2) IMG_4241(2) IMG_4238(2) IMG_4237(2) IMG_4233(2) IMG_4232(2) IMG_4208(2) IMG_4207(2) IMG_4206(2) IMG_4205(2) IMG_4202(2) IMG_4200(2) IMG_4145(3) IMG_4144(3) IMG_4142(3) IMG_4140(3) IMG_4137(3) IMG_4135(3) IMG_4132(3) IMG_4128(3) IMG_4125(3) IMG_4124(3) IMG_4121(3) IMG_4119(3) IMG_4117(3) IMG_4115(3) IMG_4114(3) IMG_4095(2) IMG_4094(2) IMG_4092(2) IMG_4090(2) IMG_4089(2) IMG_4086(2) IMG_4085(2) IMG_4082 IMG_4078(2) IMG_4077(2) IMG_4075 IMG_4074 IMG_4071(1) IMG_4069(2) IMG_4065(2) IMG_4056(2) IMG_4055(2) IMG_4051(2) IMG_4050(2) IMG_4046(2) IMG_4044(2) IMG_4043(2) IMG_4040(2) IMG_4038(2) IMG_4036(2) IMG_4031(2) IMG_4028(2) IMG_4007(2) IMG_4005(2) IMG_4004(2) IMG_4003(2) IMG_3996(2) IMG_3987(2) IMG_3986(2) IMG_3985(2) IMG_3983(2) IMG_3982(2) IMG_3979(2) IMG_3977(2) IMG_3975(2) IMG_3971(2) IMG_3961(2) IMG_3957(2) IMG_3956(2) IMG_4491(1) IMG_4490(1) IMG_4489(2) IMG_4488(3) IMG_4487(3) IMG_4486(3) IMG_4485(3) IMG_4484(2) IMG_4483(2) IMG_4482(2) IMG_4481(3) IMG_4480(3) IMG_4479(3) IMG_4478(3) IMG_4477(3) IMG_4476(3) IMG_4475(3) IMG_4474(3) IMG_4473(3) IMG_4472(3) IMG_4471(3) IMG_4470(2) IMG_4469(3) IMG_4468(3) IMG_4467(3) IMG_4466(3) IMG_4465(3) IMG_4464(3) IMG_4463(2) IMG_4462(2) IMG_4461(3) IMG_4460(2) IMG_4459(3) IMG_4458(3) IMG_4457(3) IMG_4456(3) IMG_4455(3) IMG_4454(3) IMG_4453(3) IMG_4452(3) IMG_4451(3) IMG_4450(3) IMG_4449(3) IMG_4448(3) IMG_4447(3) IMG_4446(3) IMG_4445(3) IMG_4444(3) IMG_4443(3) IMG_4442(3) IMG_4441(3) IMG_4440(3) IMG_4439(3) IMG_4438(3) IMG_4437(3) IMG_4436(3) IMG_4435(3) IMG_4434(3) IMG_4433(3) IMG_4432(4) IMG_4431(4) IMG_4430(4) IMG_4429(4) IMG_4428(2) IMG_4427(2) IMG_4426(4) IMG_4425(4) IMG_4424(4) IMG_4423(4) IMG_4422(4) IMG_4421(4) IMG_4420(4) IMG_4419(4) IMG_4418(4) IMG_4417(4) IMG_4416(4) IMG_4415(4) IMG_4414(4) IMG_4413(4) IMG_4412(4) IMG_4411(4) IMG_4410(4) IMG_4409(4) IMG_4408(4) IMG_4407(3) IMG_4406(3) IMG_4405(3) IMG_4404(3) IMG_4403(3) IMG_4402(3) IMG_4401(1) IMG_4400(1) IMG_4399(1) IMG_4398(1) IMG_4397(1) IMG_4396(1) IMG_4395(1) IMG_4394(1) IMG_4393(1) IMG_4392(1) IMG_4391(1) IMG_4390(1) IMG_4389(1) IMG_4388(1) IMG_4387(1) IMG_4386(1) IMG_4385(1) IMG_4384(1) IMG_4383(1) IMG_4382(1) IMG_4381(1) IMG_4380(1) IMG_4379(1) IMG_4378(1) IMG_4377(1) IMG_4376(1) IMG_4375(1) IMG_4374(1) IMG_4373(1) IMG_4372(1) IMG_4371(1) IMG_4370(1) IMG_4369(1) IMG_4368(1) IMG_4367(1) IMG_4366(1) IMG_4365(1) IMG_4364(1) IMG_4363(1) IMG_4362(1) IMG_4361(1) IMG_4360(1) IMG_4359(1) IMG_4358(1) IMG_4357(1) IMG_4356(1) IMG_4355(1) IMG_4354(1) IMG_4353(1) IMG_4352(1) IMG_4351(1) IMG_4350(1) IMG_4349(1) IMG_4348(1) IMG_4347(1) IMG_4346(1) IMG_4345(1) IMG_4344(1) IMG_4343(1) IMG_4342(1) IMG_4341(1) IMG_4340(1) IMG_4339(1) IMG_4338(2) IMG_4337(2) IMG_4336(2) IMG_4335(2) IMG_4334(2) IMG_4333(2) IMG_4332(2) IMG_4331(2) IMG_4330(2) IMG_4329(2) IMG_4328(2) IMG_4327(2) IMG_4326(2) IMG_4325(2) IMG_4324(2) IMG_4323(2) IMG_4322(2) IMG_4321(2) IMG_4320(2) IMG_4319(2) IMG_4318(1) IMG_4317(1) IMG_4316(2) IMG_4315(2) IMG_4314(2) IMG_4313(2) IMG_4312(2) IMG_4311(2) IMG_4310(2) IMG_4308(2) IMG_4307(2) IMG_4306(2) IMG_4305(2) IMG_4304(2) IMG_4303(2) IMG_4302(2) IMG_4301(2) IMG_4300(2) IMG_4299(2) IMG_4298(2) IMG_4297(2) IMG_4296(2) IMG_4295(2) IMG_4294(2) IMG_4293(2) IMG_4292(2) IMG_4291(2) IMG_4290(2) IMG_4289(2) IMG_4288(2) IMG_4287(2) IMG_4286(2) IMG_4285(2) IMG_4284(2) IMG_4283(2) IMG_4282(2) IMG_4281(2) IMG_4280(2) IMG_4279(2) IMG_4278(2) IMG_4277(2) IMG_4275(2) IMG_4274(2) IMG_4273(2) IMG_4272(2) IMG_4271(2) IMG_4270(2) IMG_4269(2) IMG_4268(2) IMG_4267(1) IMG_4266(2) IMG_4265(2) IMG_4264(2) IMG_4263(2) IMG_4262(2) IMG_4261(2) IMG_4260(2) IMG_4259(2) IMG_4258(2) IMG_4257(2) IMG_4256(2) IMG_4255(2) IMG_4254(2) IMG_4253(2) IMG_4252(2) IMG_4251(2) IMG_4250(2) IMG_4249(2) IMG_4248(2) IMG_4247(2) IMG_4246(2) IMG_4245(2) IMG_4244(2) IMG_4243(2) IMG_4242(2) IMG_4241(2) IMG_4240(2) IMG_4239(2) IMG_4238(2) IMG_4237(2) IMG_4236(2) IMG_4235(2) IMG_4234(2) IMG_4233(2) IMG_4232(2) IMG_4231(2) IMG_4230(2) IMG_4228(2) IMG_4227(2) IMG_4226(2) IMG_4225(2) IMG_4224(2) IMG_4223(2) IMG_4222(2) IMG_4221(2) IMG_4220(2) IMG_4219(2) IMG_4218(1) IMG_4217(2) IMG_4216(2) IMG_4215(2) IMG_4214(2) IMG_4213(2) IMG_4212(2) IMG_4211(1) IMG_4210 IMG_4209(1) IMG_4208(2) IMG_4207(2) IMG_4206(2) IMG_4205(2) IMG_4204(2) IMG_4203(2) IMG_4202(2) IMG_4201(2) IMG_4200(2) IMG_4199(2) IMG_4198(2) IMG_4197(2) IMG_4196(2) IMG_4195(2) IMG_4194(2) IMG_4193(2) IMG_4192(2) IMG_4190(2) IMG_4189(2) IMG_4188(2) IMG_4187(2) IMG_4186(2) IMG_4184(2) IMG_4183(2) IMG_4182(2) IMG_4181(2) IMG_4180(2) IMG_4179(2) IMG_4178(2) IMG_4177(2) IMG_4176(2) IMG_4175(2) IMG_4174(2) IMG_4173(2) IMG_4172(2) IMG_4171(2) IMG_4170(2) IMG_4169(2) IMG_4168(1) IMG_4167(2) IMG_4166(2) IMG_4165(2) IMG_4164(2) IMG_4163(2) IMG_4162(2) IMG_4161(2) IMG_4160(2) IMG_4158(2) IMG_4157(2) IMG_4156(2) IMG_4155(2) IMG_4154(2) IMG_4153(2) IMG_4152(2) IMG_4151(2) IMG_4150(2) IMG_4147(2) IMG_4146(3) IMG_4145(3) IMG_4144(3) IMG_4143(3) IMG_4142(3) IMG_4141(3) IMG_4140(3) IMG_4139(3) IMG_4138(3) IMG_4137(3) IMG_4136(3) IMG_4135(3) IMG_4134(3) IMG_4133(3) IMG_4132(3) IMG_4131(3) IMG_4130(3) IMG_4129(3) IMG_4128(3) IMG_4127(3) IMG_4126(3) IMG_4125(3) IMG_4124(3) IMG_4123(3) IMG_4122(3) IMG_4121(3) IMG_4120(3) IMG_4119(3) IMG_4118(3) IMG_4117(3) IMG_4116(3) IMG_4115(3) IMG_4114(3) IMG_4113(1) IMG_4112(3) IMG_4111(3) IMG_4110(3) IMG_4109(3) IMG_4108(3) IMG_4107(3) IMG_4106(1) IMG_4105(3) IMG_4104(3) IMG_4103(3) IMG_4102(2) IMG_4101(2) IMG_4100(2) IMG_4099(2) IMG_4098(2) IMG_4097(2) IMG_4096(2) IMG_4095(2) IMG_4094(2) IMG_4093(2) IMG_4092(2) IMG_4091(2) IMG_4090(2) IMG_4089(2) IMG_4088(2) IMG_4087(2) IMG_4086(2) IMG_4085(2) IMG_4084(2) IMG_4083(2) IMG_4082 IMG_4081(2) IMG_4080(2) IMG_4079(2) IMG_4078(2) IMG_4077(2) IMG_4076(2) IMG_4075 IMG_4074 IMG_4073(1) IMG_4072(1) IMG_4071(1) IMG_4069(2) IMG_4068(2) IMG_4067(2) IMG_4066(2) IMG_4065(2) IMG_4064(2) IMG_4063(2) IMG_4062(2) IMG_4061(2) IMG_4060(2) IMG_4059(2) IMG_4058(2) IMG_4057(2) IMG_4056(2) IMG_4055(2) IMG_4054(2) IMG_4053(2) IMG_4052(2) IMG_4051(2) IMG_4050(2) IMG_4049(2) IMG_4048(2) IMG_4047(2) IMG_4046(2) IMG_4045(2) IMG_4044(2) IMG_4043(2) IMG_4042(2) IMG_4041(2) IMG_4040(2) IMG_4039(2) IMG_4038(2) IMG_4037(2) IMG_4036(2) IMG_4035(2) IMG_4034(2) IMG_4033(2) IMG_4032(2) IMG_4031(2) IMG_4029(2) IMG_4028(2) IMG_4027(2) IMG_4026(2) IMG_4025(2) IMG_4024(2) IMG_4023(2) IMG_4022(2) IMG_4021(2) IMG_4020(2) IMG_4019(2) IMG_4018(2) IMG_4017(2) IMG_4016(2) IMG_4015(2) IMG_4014(2) IMG_4013(2) IMG_4012(2) IMG_4010(2) IMG_4009(2) IMG_4008(2) IMG_4007(2) IMG_4006(2) IMG_4005(2) IMG_4004(2) IMG_4003(2) IMG_4002(2) IMG_4001(2) IMG_3999(2) IMG_3997(2) IMG_3996(2) IMG_3988(2) IMG_3987(2) IMG_3986(2) IMG_3985(2) IMG_3984(2) IMG_3983(2) IMG_3982(2) IMG_3981(2) IMG_3980(2) IMG_3979(2) IMG_3978(2) IMG_3977(2) IMG_3976(2) IMG_3975(2) IMG_3974(2) IMG_3973(2) IMG_3972(2) IMG_3971(2) IMG_3970(2) IMG_3969(2) IMG_3968(2) IMG_3967(2) IMG_3966(2) IMG_3965(2) IMG_3964(2) IMG_3963(2) IMG_3962(2) IMG_3961(2) IMG_3960(2) IMG_3959(2) IMG_3958(2) IMG_3957(2) IMG_3956(2) IMG_3955(2)