Selmer Mark VI 84xxx Soprano Sax HOLY GRAIL!

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For sale is an absolutely stunning collectors grade Selmer Mark VI 84xxx Soprano sax in remarkable original lacquer!

Wow!  This saxophone is beyond words and is truly an unbelievable pristine example of Selmer Mark VI soprano of the famed “Kenny G” vintage. 

There are extremely few 5 digit Selmer Mark VIs in the world.  Collectors covet this exact serial number range of 84xxx.  Said range is the most desirable serial number in all of the lands.  Such saxophone celebrity super stars as Michael Brecker & Kenny G have famously played these serial numbers which has helped to create extreme hype and desirability in these horns.

Generally speaking there are very very few soprano Mark VI 5 digits in existence.  While still extremely rare it may be more ‘common place’ to find a 5 digit Mark VI alto or tenor however its very very rare to find any kind of 5 digit soprano.

At this point in Selmer and saxophone history there wasn’t a huge demand for soprano sax as other horns so there just weren’t being that many produced.  As the sound of the times changed soprano began to become much more popular again and there was a resurgence among saxophonist wanting to buy sopranos and as we came into the 1960s to the 1970s and 80s soprano sax production was beefed up.

All of that being said, there are very few 5 digit soprano Mark VIs in this world at all…

There are only 1000 saxophones in the 84,000 Selmer serial range.


Out of those 1000 saxophones combined were altos, tenors, baritones, maybe a few other odds and ends sopraninos, bass’s etc.
Out of that 1000 combined horns, how many of those really coulda been soprano?


Out of those sopranos how many of those were the desirable American engraved and lacquered horns, with NO F# key?


Out of those remaining saxophones how many of them were destroyed, lost in the times to floods/fires etc, relacquer, trashed?


What were left with is a very very very small number.  There aren’t many 5 digit Mark VI sopranos floating around and the chance of finding one in this exact condition is virtually impossible.

This horn for sale is 100% undeniably amazing original lacquer.  The saxophone features gorgeous highly elaborate floral engraving!  As rare as these sopranos are many times when they come up they have no engraving at all.  This is a beautiful fully engraved soprano with Selmer Paris floral engraving sprawling up and down the body!


Finding this extensive engraving on a 5 digit soprano in this condition is just a out of this world, spectacular, complete unicorn of a horn! 

This horn has just the right original lacquer look.  The color is that perfect lush dark golden honey with amazing engraving that wraps around the bell!  Everything on this horn looks ohhhh so right and its a great example of Selmer Mark VI 5 digit 84xxx soprano!


Flat out this is easily one of the best, if no the best soprano's Ive ever played.  Complex and expressive agility paired with just that right loud and proud Selmer tone give this easily one of the best soprano tones at all time.  As amazing as modern Yamaha sopranos play, there's something in the way these 5 digit Mark VI sopranos vibrate that the modern horns cant even get close to!


The saxophone was overhauled by a top tier premier tech that extensively overhauled this horn.  The pads are used, however have a ton of life left.


This horn has no clicks, clanks, metal noises.  This horn is fully operational playing top to bottom.  All of the key action is opening and closing just as should be and it feels absolutely lovely.


Although this is a fantastic condition antique this instrument is being sold as USED and is extremely vintage.  This horn is some  60+ years age as has patina that can be picked out in various places through out the entire horn with surface smudges scratches, flea bites, Knicks, small lacquer wear, metal wear, weld marks and other anomalies associated with a used instrument of this nature. 

Its really not everyday a saxophone like this comes to the market.  I love these 5 digit sopranos and think they are unbelievable horns.  I specifically seek these out and am truly wowed by this horn.  I think this is one of the most amazing horns ive had the pleasure of getting my hands on and am cherishing every moment of it.

If there are any questions im happy to do my best to go over any of it.  There's no doubt this horn will sell and probably be swooped into that family collection for ever.   If this is the horn of your dreams and you love it, please do note hesitate to buy and pay confidently! 

Please buy and PayPal confidently!


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