Selmer Mark VI 75xxx 5 digit Tenor Saxophone Ken Beason Overhaul!

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For sale is a Selmer Mark VI 5 digit tenor saxophone overhauled by Ken Beason!

This saxophones prior owner was a NASCAR racing legend, so if thats something that interests you be sure to message in!

This horn is a prime era original lacquer Selmer 5 digit serial #75xxx paired with a Warburton sax neck.

This saxophone does not come with a Selmer neck.

Once again NO Selmer neck is included with this horn.

Please check out pictures #10, #11, & #12 to see the matched & fitted Warburton neck.

This horn is fully overhauled with Ken Beason's custom made Beasonators over sized metal resonators which are amazing reso’s loved by many!

Ken Beason does amazing work and is famous for tweaking Selmer Mark VIs at a top tier level.  With Ken throughout the years ive heard its not just about his setup rather  there are various tweaks and adjustments that Ken does to the bodies of horns he works on that carry over through its life time.

This horn comes with 2x high end heavy metal oversized neck tenon screws.  These are advertised to add resonance and projection to your horn.  These actually sell for a pretty penny.

This horn is being sold as used and has its fair share of patina, scratches, Knicks, dings, fleabites, metal wear of various colors, repair marks, weld marks and other anomalies associated with a used antique.  This horn comes with no matching Selmer neck.

The horn is an amazing horn, however the pads are now in slightly used condition!

The included Warburton tenor neck sells for $1200 new.  The neck is thick and sturdy in the hands and very well built.  Steve Neff as well some others have some rave reviews on these to check out!  The extra neck initiators are included as well!

This horn is clamping down harder then any horn you've ever felt.  The key action on this horn is perfected with each key clamping down so easy.  its a thing of beauty.

This horn plays loud and proud and plays exactly like you'd hope a 75xxx would.  This horn is a serious horn and is a very special piece.  There is no doubt whoever plays this horn is going to be very impressed

If you have been looking for a fully playing Mark VI 5 digit we are pricing this one to sell so please buy and pay confidently!


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