Selmer Mark VI 72xxx 5 digit Alto Saxophone CLOSET QUEEN!

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For sale is an absolutely incredible Selmer Mark VI 72xxx 5 digit alto saxophone with its matching serial number neck in glorious original lacquer!

This is horn is in absolutely jaw dropping original condition!

The saxophone comes with its matching 72xxx serial number neck!

This horn is siting on its factory pads and resonators!  There will never be anything like playing a brand new overhaul with brand new pads.  Please plan on getting a full overhaul and pad job to make this a perfect functioning horn.

This saxophone is being sold as used and has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, patina, metal wear, and other anomalies associated with such a used horn.  There is a very tiny ding on the neck that I will mention!  Please take a look at picture #12, you can see some 'speckling' style patina here or there.

The sax comes with a non original case.  Its a very cool old case, but it doesnt say Selmer any where on it.

This sax comes with a very rare original grenadilla wood end plug!  This is prolly a $300 value as is!

Its very once in a blue moon a 5 digit Mark VI pops up like this, if you have been looking for a great investment piece, please do not hesitate to buy now and pay over.  I will ship ASAP upon payment!

IMG_7224(1) IMG_7223(1) IMG_7210(1) IMG_7209(1) IMG_7195(1) IMG_7194(1) IMG_7191(1) IMG_7190(1) IMG_7164(2) IMG_7163(2) IMG_7162(2) IMG_7159(2) IMG_7157(2) IMG_7155(2) IMG_7145(2) IMG_7136(3) IMG_7135(3) IMG_7131(3) IMG_7128(3) IMG_7124(3) IMG_7118(3) IMG_7109(3) IMG_7105(3) IMG_7104(3) IMG_7101(3) IMG_7097(3) IMG_7098(3) IMG_7025(3) IMG_7021(3) IMG_7013(3) IMG_7011(3) IMG_7010(3) IMG_7004(3) IMG_6988(3) IMG_6987(3) IMG_6986(3) IMG_6985(3) IMG_6982(3) IMG_6950(3) IMG_6948(3) IMG_6943(3) IMG_6940(3) IMG_6938(3) IMG_6935(3) IMG_6932(3) IMG_6931(3) IMG_6929(3) IMG_6926(3) IMG_6924(1) IMG_6923(3) IMG_6920(3) IMG_6919(3) IMG_6913(3) IMG_6907(3) IMG_6905(3) IMG_6903(1) IMG_6901(1) IMG_6900(1) IMG_6899(1) IMG_6897(1) IMG_6896(1) IMG_6893(1) IMG_6892(1) IMG_6891(1) IMG_6890(1) IMG_6885(1) IMG_6884(1) IMG_6881(1) IMG_6880(1) IMG_6878(1) IMG_6872(1) IMG_6871(1) IMG_6862(1) IMG_6856(1) IMG_6855(1) IMG_6854(1) IMG_6848(1) IMG_6841(1) IMG_6839(1) IMG_6836(1) IMG_6835(1) IMG_6832(1) IMG_6824(1) 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IMG_7215(1) IMG_7213(1) IMG_7212(1) IMG_7211(1) IMG_7210(1) IMG_7209(1) IMG_7208(1) IMG_7207(1) IMG_7206(1) IMG_7205(1) IMG_7204(1) IMG_7203(1) IMG_7202(1) IMG_7201(1) IMG_7200(1) IMG_7199(1) IMG_7198(1) IMG_7197(1) IMG_7196(1) IMG_7195(1) IMG_7194(1) IMG_7192(1) IMG_7191(1) IMG_7190(1) IMG_7189(1) IMG_7188(1) IMG_7187(1) IMG_7186(1) IMG_7185(1) IMG_7184(1) IMG_7183(1) IMG_7182(1) IMG_7181(1) IMG_7180(1) IMG_7179(1) IMG_7178(1) IMG_7177(1) IMG_7176(1) IMG_7175(1) IMG_7174(1) IMG_7173(1) IMG_7172(1) IMG_7171(1) IMG_7170(1) IMG_7169(1) IMG_7168(2) IMG_7167(2) IMG_7166(2) IMG_7165(2) IMG_7164(2) IMG_7163(2) IMG_7162(2) IMG_7161(2) IMG_7160(2) IMG_7159(2) IMG_7158(2) IMG_7157(2) IMG_7156(2) IMG_7155(2) IMG_7154(2) IMG_7153(2) IMG_7152(2) IMG_7151(2) IMG_7150(2) IMG_7149(2) IMG_7148(2) IMG_7147(2) IMG_7146(2) IMG_7145(2) IMG_7144(2) IMG_7143(2) IMG_7142(2) IMG_7141(2) IMG_7140(2) IMG_7139(2) IMG_7138(2) IMG_7137(2) IMG_7136(3) IMG_7113(3) IMG_7135(3) IMG_7134(3) IMG_7133(3) IMG_7132(3) 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IMG_6958(1) IMG_6957(3) IMG_6956(3) IMG_6955(3) IMG_6954(3) IMG_6953(3) IMG_6952(3) IMG_6951(3) IMG_6950(3) IMG_6949(3) IMG_6948(3) IMG_6947(3) IMG_6946(3) IMG_6945(3) IMG_6944(3) IMG_6943(3) IMG_6942(3) IMG_6941(3) IMG_6940(3) IMG_6939(3) IMG_6938(3) IMG_6937(3) IMG_6936(3) IMG_6935(3) IMG_6934(3) IMG_6933(3) IMG_6932(3) IMG_6931(3) IMG_6930(3) IMG_6929(3) IMG_6928(3) IMG_6927(3) IMG_6926(3) IMG_6925(3) IMG_6924(1) IMG_6923(3) IMG_6922(3) IMG_6921(3) IMG_6920(3) IMG_6919(3) IMG_6918(3) IMG_6917(3) IMG_6916(3) IMG_6915(3) IMG_6914(3) IMG_6913(3) IMG_6912(3) IMG_6910(3) IMG_6909(3) IMG_6908(3) IMG_6907(3) IMG_6906(3) IMG_6905(3) IMG_6904(3) IMG_6903(1) IMG_6902(1) IMG_6901(1) IMG_6900(1) IMG_6899(1) IMG_6898(1) IMG_6897(1) IMG_6896(1) IMG_6894(1) IMG_6893(1) IMG_6892(1) IMG_6891(1) IMG_6890(1) IMG_6888(1) IMG_6887(1) IMG_6886(1) IMG_6885(1) IMG_6884(1) IMG_6883(1) IMG_6882(1) IMG_6881(1) IMG_6880(1) IMG_6879(1) IMG_6878(1) IMG_6876(1) IMG_6877(1) IMG_6875(1) IMG_6874(1) IMG_6873(1) IMG_6872(1) IMG_6871(1) IMG_6870(1) IMG_6869(1) IMG_6868(1) IMG_6867(1) IMG_6866(1) IMG_6865(1) IMG_6864(1) IMG_6863(1) IMG_6862(1) IMG_6861(1) IMG_6860(1) IMG_6859(1) IMG_6858(1) IMG_6857(1) IMG_6856(1) IMG_6855(1) IMG_6854(1) IMG_6853(1) IMG_6852(1) IMG_6851(1) IMG_6850(1) IMG_6849(1) IMG_6848(1) IMG_6847(1) IMG_6846(1) IMG_6845(1) IMG_6844(1) IMG_6843(1) IMG_6842(1) IMG_6841(1) IMG_6840(1) IMG_6839(1) IMG_6838(1) IMG_6837(1) IMG_6836(1) IMG_6835(1) IMG_6834(1) IMG_6833(1) IMG_6832(1) IMG_6831(1) IMG_6830(1) IMG_6829(1) IMG_6828(1) IMG_6827(1) IMG_6826(1) IMG_6825(1) IMG_6824(1) IMG_6823(1) IMG_6822(1) IMG_6821(1) IMG_6820(2) IMG_6819(2) IMG_6818(2) IMG_6817(1)