Selmer Mark VI 68xxx 5 digit Alto Saxophone HOLY GRAIL!

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For sale is an absolutely incredible Selmer Mark VI 68xxx 5 digit alto saxophone with its matching serial number neck in glorious original lacquer!

This is horn is in absolutely jaw dropping original condition!

The saxophone comes with its matching 68xxx serial number neck!

This horn is an extremely special horn in condition that just doesn't come around.

This horn is siting on its factory pads and resonators!  There will never be anything like playing a brand new overhaul with brand new pads.  Please plan on getting a full overhaul and pad job to make this a perfect functioning horn.  That being said it currently sits in collectors condition with original pads and resonators.

This saxophone is being sold as not working and has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, patina, metal wear, and other anomalies associated with such a used horn. 

Please take a look at picture #12 the worst thing to write about the entire sax is some lacquer flaking/speckling that can be seen on the backside of the horn.

The sax comes with a very nice original Selmer tray pack case.  These cases can sell for a huge amount by them selves.  The Selmer logo is still entact.

This sax comes with a very rare original grenadilla wood end plug!  These are extremely worth and also worth a huge amount by them selves.

I want to take a moment to talk about the neck on this horn.  Often times players and collectors can be very picky about the condition of Mark VI necks and especially the angle or possible pull down.  Fact is, if a horn is been played it typically is always going to have some level of pull down.  First thing I noticed when I pulled the neck out was WHOA WOW its as proper of a neck as your going to find.  The neck is in very very nice condition which is a special thing to find.

The neck fits on the body EXTREMELY TIGHT!  This is a huge green flag!  Most times these necks have been pulled off and on the neck loose in the body.  This neck fits extremely tight on the body.  I mean wow what a tight fit.  This is a huge sign that the horn has not been used and played very much.

Putting all the puzzle pieces together... Original case in pretty nice shape, the horn in collectors condition, wood end plug, original pads & reso's, neck in awesome shape, neck fitting tight in the body, laq looks awesome on the key cups, the body tube, etc.  Overall it tells the story of a holy grail Selmer 5 digit in absolutely stunning shape.

Its very once in a blue moon a 5 digit Mark VI pops up like this, if you have been looking for a great investment piece, please do not hesitate to buy now and pay over.  I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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