Selmer Mark VI 59xxx 1955 5 Digit Alto Saxophone

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For sale is a Selmer Mark VI 59xxx alto saxophone with its matching serial number neck in glorious original lacquer!


This is a real nice milk chocolate lacquer 1955 5 digit!

This horn has everything you'd want in an investment worthy Selmer.

This horn is currently playing absolutely fantastic. The horn is playing killer top to bottom! There are no clicks, clanks, metal on metal, loss of motion, etc. All the action is super tight and snappy, fully setup ready to play out of the box!

This horn was overhauled by Sax Quest a few years back and has fat metal resonators! The horn was meticulously kept and has had setups since.

This horn is loud and proud and is instantly a lock for exactly what your looking for an an early 5 digit Mark VI alto!

This horn comes with its matching serial number neck with the blue still in the S!

This horn is being sold as used and has its fair share of heavy patina, scratching, knicks, dings, fleabites, repair marks, metal wear of various red and green colors, and other anomalies with an extremely used 65 year old antique! This horn comes with an original Selmer case but the zipper is broke and button flaps were installed.

The last owner has added custom epoxy key risers on the left palm keys and right palm keys. These are modified after the factory. I had thought about taking these out but they feel fantastic in my my hands so I have chosen to leave them.

This horn is glorious original lacquer but for sure has heavy patina so please look at all the pictures and understand exactly the current state of this sax so you can be happy with your purchase when the sax arrives!

This horn has an Oleg front F key installed. This can be kept on but players love these and they function awesome. This sells for a pretty penny by it self.

These quality 5 digit original lacquer horns have been really hard to locate these days. Most examples found are relaq, or have some serious problems that take them out of the running. This is a fine horn ready to be bought exactly as is.

If you love the horn please do not hesitate to buy it now and pay over, I will ship ASAP upon payment!

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