Selmer Mark VI 56xxx 5 digit Tenor Saxophone w/ Double S Neck!

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For sale an absolutely gorgeous 1954 Selmer Mark VI tenor saxophone!

This horn is a prime time first year production Mark VI serial #56xxx with its matching "Double S" serial #56xxx neck!

This horn is totally jaw dropping beautiful with original lacquer and highly ornate original factory engravings!

The first year production Selmer Mark VIs are the most elusive and unobtainable white whale horns celebrated  and praised among both collectors and players.

While some players love to play & collect the Brecker serial range 5 digits which play loud and proud.  These early first year production horns give your the best of both worlds retaining the loud & proud values of a Mark VI paired with the flexibility of the Super Balanced Action.  No other Mark VIs are like them!

Generally speaking these early horns play with a certain flexibility or maneuverability that really allows you to shape and mold your sound giving the player a feeling of extreme control of small nuances creating an extremely intimate enjoyable playing experience. 

There are plenty of amazing horns in the world both modern and vintage, but these horns truly play special and unique!

These fist year production extremely early serial number horns featured the "A" engraving pattern.  This initial engraving pattern was only seen for a very short time before they changed over to the well known engraving pattern seen for the rest of the Mark VI run.  This early engraving pattern and look is a fan favorite!

These initial run Mark VIs also have the extremely rare "Double S" necks.  The emblem & logo on the neck appears to have 2x S's or a "Double S".  

Shortly after the start of the Mark VIs these double S neck logo's were phased out for the traditional single "S" that we see on every Mark VI made from there on.   Its actually not a double S, rather its a S & C for "Selmer et Cie".

Double S neck Mark VIs have become some what  folklore or mythological beasts Mark VIs.  There are not many of these floating around in the wild.  

There were somewhere in the neighborhood of aprox 1500 - 2000 horns made during this serial range.   Thats total soprano, alto, tenor, bari, perhaps some bass's or nino's.

Out of those total numbers there were only so many tenor saxophones made.   Out of those available horns who knows how many of those were lost, destroyed by element, house fires, floods, tornado, old house collapses or just lost to time.

These horns are truly a needle in a hay stack situation to pop up and come to market.   Out of these small numbers of them remaining the vast majority are relacquered refinished horns, or totally trashed thrashed horns,  horns with pickups/patches on the neck,  total missing necks, missing clothing guards, key guards or other missing parts, total red rot or mold growing situations or any other problem that arises with antiques that were meant to be used and abused.

This horn is not any of the above mentioned.

This saxophone is a survivor and a true piece of Selmer & saxophone history.

Its amazing this horn exists exactly how it sits and looks today.

In the hands this horn has a stunning look.  The honey lacquer has worn just right darkening and evolving complexities over time just like a fine wine to give the horn that very unique robust lush early 5 digit Selmer visual hue that Selmer lovers go nuts for!

The combination of the extensive early engraving cut into the beautiful lacquer give that 2 tone look and color combo thats just dreamy to stare at.

While of course this horn is totally beautiful & gorgeous its important to understand this is a used antique and has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, fleabites, metal wear of various colors, lacquer wear, or other anomalies associated with a such an old instrument of this nature.  That being said, short of finding a time capsule horn this is near darn as good as these get!

This horn was fully overhauled with black pads at one point.  The horn has just come out of the shop with a full setup and is playing top to bottom!

This horn ships with NO original Selmer case.  The horn ships with a totally random case.

You will notice some patina marks throughout the horn.   Its important to note these are all flat, smooth, clean areas.   What your looking at is most likely some kind of patina that was cleaned during the overhaul.   When you touch your fingers to those parts its clean n smooth fresh feeling metal.

Its really not everyday a horn of this nature comes to market.  Whether you have been specifically waiting for a Double S tenor to pop up or if you have been looking for a collectors grade special 5 digit Mark VI to pop on this is the one!

Please buy and pay confidently we will ship out ASAP upon payment!

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