Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax NECK ONLY

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For sale is an insanely loud and proud playing Selmer Mark VI Tenor sax neck.

This listing is for a neck only!

This neck came from an early Selmer Mark VI tenor sax and is a French Selmer Paris made neck.

Please refer to picture #11 & #12 this neck expertly had a pickup or patch removed!

The neck has no serial number but has that flat octave key plate that identifies early Mark VI necks from later necks.  There are a few numbers scratched inside the neck tenon but near impossible to read. 

This neck is one of the loudest necks Ive ever played.  Think of playing on this neck like playing on a metal mouthpiece, and not the dark kind.  Sort of like a Dukoff or Guardala vibe.

This neck really plays with laser precision.  I cant explain enough how loud, proud, bright sounding this neck really is!

This neck is being sold as used and has its fair shares of scratches, knicks, fleabites.  There was a patch absolutely expertly taken out.  Take a really great look at the pictures, it just does not get better then this!  The repair is perfectly flat, with zero leakage done just right.

Its not often Mark VI necks appear so here's your chance to get one while its around!

Please buy and pay confidently I will ship ASAP upon payment!



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