Selmer Mark VI 147xxx Tenor Saxophone Original Laq!

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For sale is a gorgeous Selmer Mark VI #147xxx tenor saxophone in stunning original lacquer!

This horn is an absolutely prime example horn from what many call the "Sanborn" era of horns.  This is a tenor sax, Sanborn played an alto.

This horn has fantastic undeniable original lacquer and with detailed ornate engravings that just gives this horn that whoaaaaa whoa whoa look!!

Its very rare to find a Mark VI tenor this early of serial number with such nice original laq. 

This horn included is valuable tray pack purple lined factory Selmer case.

This horn included the original Selmer logo end plug.

This saxophone is being sold as not working and will require a full overhaul & pad job to be a perfectly functioning horn.  This horn has sat in the last owners closet for quiet some time so your gonna want to get a pad job on this one!

While this saxophone is beautiful it has its fair share of scratches, knicks, dings, dents, fleabites, metal wear of various red or green colors, patina throughout in various patches, and other anomalies associated with such an old played horn.

Once again you will need to get a pad job and overhaul on this saxophone.

If you have been looking to invest in a quality Mark VI tenor please do not hesitate to buy and pay over I will ship ASAP upon payment! IMG_2365(1) IMG_2363(1) IMG_2361(1) IMG_2358(1) IMG_2357(1) IMG_2354(1) IMG_2353(1) IMG_2331(1) IMG_2330(1) IMG_2326(1) IMG_2325(1) IMG_2324(1) IMG_2258(1) IMG_2257(1) IMG_2256(1) IMG_2254(1) IMG_2252(1) IMG_2251(1) IMG_2208(1) IMG_2206(1) IMG_2202 IMG_2200 IMG_2199 IMG_2197 IMG_2195 IMG_2193 IMG_2191 IMG_2184 IMG_2166(1) IMG_2160(1) IMG_2155(1) IMG_2154(1) IMG_2153(1) IMG_2137(1) IMG_2129(1) IMG_2127(1) IMG_2126(1) IMG_2124(1) IMG_2121(1) IMG_2119(1) IMG_2116(1) IMG_2115(1) IMG_2112(1) IMG_2102(1) IMG_2101(1) IMG_2099(1)

IMG_2386(1) IMG_2385(1) IMG_2384(1) IMG_2383(1) IMG_2382(1) IMG_2381(1) IMG_2380(1) IMG_2379(1) IMG_2378(1) IMG_2377(1) IMG_2376(1) IMG_2375(1) IMG_2374(1) IMG_2373(1) IMG_2372(1) IMG_2371(1) IMG_2370(1) IMG_2369(1) IMG_2368(1) IMG_2367(1) IMG_2366(1) IMG_2365(1) IMG_2364(1) IMG_2363(1) IMG_2362(1) IMG_2361(1) IMG_2360(1) IMG_2359(1) IMG_2358(1) IMG_2357(1) IMG_2356(1) IMG_2355(1) IMG_2354(1) IMG_2353(1) IMG_2352(1) IMG_2351(1) IMG_2350(1) IMG_2349(1) IMG_2348(1) IMG_2347(1) IMG_2346(1) IMG_2345(1) IMG_2344(1) IMG_2343(1) IMG_2342(1) IMG_2341(1) IMG_2340(1) IMG_2339(1) IMG_2338(1) IMG_2337(1) IMG_2336(1) IMG_2335(1) IMG_2334(1) IMG_2333(1) IMG_2332(1) IMG_2331(1) IMG_2330(1) IMG_2329(1) IMG_2328(1) IMG_2327(1) IMG_2326(1) IMG_2325(1) IMG_2324(1) IMG_2323(1) IMG_2322(1) IMG_2321(1) IMG_2320(1) IMG_2319(1) IMG_2318(1) IMG_2317(1) IMG_2316(1) IMG_2315(1) IMG_2314(1) IMG_2313(1) IMG_2312(1) IMG_2311(1) IMG_2310(1) IMG_2309 IMG_2308(1) IMG_2307(1) IMG_2306(1) IMG_2305(1) IMG_2304(1) IMG_2303(1) IMG_2302(1) IMG_2301(1) IMG_2300(1) IMG_2299(1) IMG_2298(1) IMG_2297(1) IMG_2296(1) IMG_2295(1) IMG_2294(1) IMG_2293(1) IMG_2292(1) IMG_2291(1) IMG_2290(1) IMG_2289(1) IMG_2288(1) IMG_2287 IMG_2286(1) IMG_2285(1) IMG_2284(1) IMG_2283(1) IMG_2282(1) IMG_2281(1) IMG_2280(1) IMG_2279(1) IMG_2278(1) IMG_2277(1) IMG_2276(1) IMG_2275(1) IMG_2274(1) IMG_2273(1) IMG_2272(1) IMG_2271(1) IMG_2270(1) IMG_2269(1) IMG_2268(1) IMG_2267(1) IMG_2266(1) IMG_2265(1) IMG_2264(1) IMG_2263(1) IMG_2262(1) IMG_2261(1) IMG_2260(1) IMG_2259(1) IMG_2258(1) IMG_2257(1) IMG_2256(1) IMG_2255(1) IMG_2254(1) IMG_2253(1) IMG_2252(1) IMG_2251(1) IMG_2250(1) IMG_2249(1) IMG_2246(1) IMG_2245(1) IMG_2243(1) IMG_2242(1) IMG_2241(1) IMG_2240(1) IMG_2239(1) IMG_2238(1) IMG_2237(1) IMG_2236(1) IMG_2235(1) IMG_2234(1) IMG_2233(1) IMG_2232(1) IMG_2231(1) IMG_2230(1) IMG_2229(1) IMG_2228(1) IMG_2227(1) IMG_2226(1) IMG_2225(1) IMG_2224(1) IMG_2223(1) IMG_2222(1) IMG_2221(1) IMG_2220(1) IMG_2219(1) IMG_2218(1) IMG_2217(1) IMG_2216(1) IMG_2215(1) IMG_2214(1) IMG_2213(1) IMG_2212(1) IMG_2211(1) IMG_2210(1) IMG_2209(1) IMG_2208(1) IMG_2207(1) IMG_2206(1) IMG_2205 IMG_2204 IMG_2203 IMG_2202 IMG_2201 IMG_2200 IMG_2199 IMG_2198 IMG_2197 IMG_2196 IMG_2195 IMG_2194 IMG_2193 IMG_2192 IMG_2191 IMG_2190 IMG_2189 IMG_2188 IMG_2187 IMG_2186 IMG_2185 IMG_2184 IMG_2183 IMG_2182 IMG_2181 IMG_2180 IMG_2179 IMG_2178 IMG_2177 IMG_2176 IMG_2175 IMG_2174 IMG_2173 IMG_2172 IMG_2171(1) IMG_2170(1) IMG_2169(1) IMG_2168(1) IMG_2167(1) IMG_2166(1) IMG_2165 IMG_2164 IMG_2163(1) IMG_2162 IMG_2161 IMG_2160(1) IMG_2159(1) IMG_2158(1) IMG_2157(1) IMG_2156(1) IMG_2155(1) IMG_2154(1) IMG_2153(1) IMG_2152(1) IMG_2151(1) IMG_2150(1) IMG_2149(1) IMG_2148(1) IMG_2147(1) IMG_2146(1) IMG_2145(1) IMG_2144(1) IMG_2143(1) IMG_2141(1) IMG_2140(1) IMG_2139(1) IMG_2138(1) IMG_2137(1) IMG_2136(1) IMG_2135(1) IMG_2134(1) IMG_2133(1) IMG_2132(1) IMG_2131(1) IMG_2130(1) IMG_2129(1) IMG_2128(1) IMG_2127(1) IMG_2126(1) IMG_2125(1) IMG_2124(1) IMG_2123(1) IMG_2122(1) IMG_2121(1) IMG_2120(1) IMG_2119(1) IMG_2118(1) IMG_2117(1) IMG_2116(1) IMG_2115(1) IMG_2114(1) IMG_2113(1) IMG_2112(1) IMG_2111(1) IMG_2110(1) IMG_2109(1) IMG_2108(1) IMG_2107(1) IMG_2105(1) IMG_2104(1) IMG_2103(1) IMG_2102(1) IMG_2101(1) IMG_2100(1) IMG_2099(1) IMG_2098(1)